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The Vent: November 26

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Posted: Monday, November 26, 2007 8:46 pm | Updated: 7:19 pm, Fri Oct 7, 2011.

“We want to thank (Gov.) Napolitano and DPS for photo radars around the state. Thanks for ruining the driving of motorists and hope you make a bundle of money.”

“Well, red light cameras to free up city cops that will take care of domestic violence calls, burglaries, rapes, murders, so on and so forth, I can understand. But now we’re putting photo radar out in the rural freeway system where we have DPS working? When are the layoffs going to start? We don’t need these officers anymore.”

“If God doesn’t create homosexuals, are they space aliens or how do they get here?”

“No one will admit this. But President Bush was right when he wouldn’t allow the federal government to make stem cells from living embryos. Now, they can make them from skin cells.”

“Barack Obama keeps claiming he’s a symbol for change. Any time you have a new president of the United States, you have change. That whole concept is ridiculous.”

“If I see another Lipitor commercial, I think I’m going to have a heart attack.”

“A message to those who think people on welfare will take jobs left by undocumented workers, please remember, it’s hard to pick watermelon from a wheelchair, or weed crops on a walking cane, or construct a house with failing eye sight, or driving machinery when you are only six years old.”

“It in the spirit of the season, thanks for giving to others, particularly to those in need.”

“Congratulations to Harry Reid who will, by holding the Senate open over the holidays, prevent George Bush from sneaking in any stinkers into high positions.”

“Thanks to the Vent, I’ve finally figured out Republicans. They are for veterans, as long as they aren’t disabled or mentally ill. They are for church, as long as the churches hate homosexuals and use Christ to justify evil … So really, conservative Republicans should change their names to hypocrites. Goldwater, Lincoln and Eisenhower are spinning in their graves.”

“That Democratic tax-and-spend policy is a pay-as-you-go program. The Republican borrow-and-spend policy is a never pay for anything program. Which policy is really best for America?”

“Any day now, fairy godmother (Hillary) Clinton will probably take a page right out of the Arizona encyclopedia of government fiascoes and promise every thumb-sucker in America a new alternative fuels vehicle equipped with a monogram security blanket and a sippy cup. How else would they get to their free universal health care provider for a free lollypop?”

“Why is it all Bush’s fault to control the borders? Don’t we have a Democrat-controlled House and Senate? If they don’t have a solution now, why will they have a solution with a liberal president?”

“No more about gas prices, no more about big business. If you don’t like the price of gas, well, it’s your own responsibility to make your own life better so you can afford it. It’s all on you. We’re all born with nothing.”

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