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The Vent: Feb. 8

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Posted: Wednesday, February 8, 2012 8:41 pm

"In Friday's Vent, a Venter points out that the least literate cities are all border cities. Cities like Stockton, Calif. and Bakersfield and Fresno and Aurora, Colorado? I'm sure this Venter is either Sarah Palin or ‘border-sheriff' Paul Babeu, to which I reply: Hey dudes and dudette, I can also see the border from my apartment balcony in Mesa."


"Mitt Romney has stated more than once that he is not concerned about the very poor because they already have a safety net and if it needs to be repaired he would fix it. His idea of a repair shows in his proposal for income tax reform. His proposal would raise taxes for people making less than $10,000 per year and lower the taxes for the people at the top."


"Is there a worse place in the US of A to listen to AM radio than the Phoenix area? I was listening to the NASCAR program Saturday night on ESPN/KTAR 620 when halfway through the program KTAR switched to some jerk selling vitamins. What a shell of itself KTAR has become."


"I am appalled at Ronald Pies of Tempe for being appalled at Joe Arpaio! Pies, what are you going to do when Joe wins the November election with 60 percent of the vote? Are you going to go to your liberal friend, Randy Parraz, for another illegal recall? Pies, that is the only chance you liberals have, and guess what, that will not work either! So why don't you people just shut up. I am tired of listening to you idiots!"


"It is beyond absurd for Friday's Venter to compare Jan Brewer's nasty, deliberate exchange with our visiting president with Michelle Obama's somewhat improper protocol with England's queen. Now, if Mrs. Obama were to stick her finger in the queen's face and scream at her, I suppose the Venter would have a point. And for your information, there were lots of heads of state who were not invited to last year's royal wedding, because - after all - it was a wedding, not a gathering of the G8."


"So the inmates on Arizona's death row are suing once again. This time they don't like the Department of Corrections director's ‘protocols,' whatever that means. Well heck, I have a simple solution. Instead of all of these ‘namby-pamby' injections and whatever, just bring back ‘Old Smokie,' the Arizona electric chair. Two ‘birds' with one stone."


"Please extend my sympathy to your guest columnist, Mr. McClellan, on his loss of hearing. Governor Brewer stated via multiple interviews with a variety of media outlets, and quite consistently each time in a very professional manner, what happened during the exchange with the president. No worries, I'm sure there is a government program out there that will help him pay for the medical services needed to correct his hearing loss. But only he can fix his flagrant bias."


"Joe Biden chastises conservatives, calling them greedy and selfish, yet out of the $389,000 he made last year he gave a mere $369 to charities. I guess when he said Democrats were more generous he meant with other people's money!"


"Recently, Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg denigrated the U.S. Constitution, saying that ours should not be a role model for other countries. She feels that the constitution of countries like Canada and South Africa are superior to ours. Perhaps we should outsource Ms. Ginsberg to some foreign country since she obviously doesn't support U.S. interests or laws. How did this traitor weasel her way onto the highest legal bench of our country?"


"UofA assistant basketball coach Joe Pasternak's face in the ‘kicking' video says it all. Why not just show the video of the courtside confrontation with the California player, Gutierrez, and let the public figure it out. Gutierrez clearly hears Pasternak make some comments when the incident occurs and is in the coach's face in a heartbeat. College sports are looking more like the WWF every week it seems."


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