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The Vent: March 11

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Posted: Wednesday, March 11, 2009 10:50 pm | Updated: 12:41 am, Sat Oct 8, 2011.

“Have you heard — it isn’t necessary to pay your taxes by April 15. You can wait until you have been nominated as a cabinet member.”

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“Have you heard — it isn’t necessary to pay your taxes by April 15. You can wait until you have been nominated as a cabinet member.”

Have more to say? Send in your vent

“Obama thinks he is helping the middle class by increasing taxes for the wealthy. My friend teaches at a private school that charges high tuition and offers superior education. Enrollment is plummeting as income for CEOs and entrepreneurs drops.

My friend is the next one to be fired. Oh, that’s right, she will have that extra $8 (in) stimulus money to spend, never mind.”

“Securitizations put us in this over-expanded market that has now burst so spectacularly. So what (does) the administration do, expand it. It was a stick of dynamite in the fall of 1999 when it collapsed, a bunker buster in 2008 and will be a 100 megaton nuclear device the next time around.”

“I just love liberals. They are so uninformed, lazy or just plain stupid! They hate Rush Limbaugh because he wants Obama to fail. Rush said — and I paraphrase — if Obama follows this road to socialism and the destruction of America, I hope his policies fail. A whopping difference to what these uneducated liberals are lying about.”

“To the venters slamming Rush: I am not a fan of Rush, but what 99 percent of the media is leaving out of his quote is that he wants Obama to fail with the policies he has in place, not just to fail. He is not alone in his thinking that these policies are not new, not change, and are not helping this economy.”

“The nice thing about being cowardly venters like us is that you don’t have to explain issues like naming one instance where the fat, lying Limbaugh actually told a lie. I’ve been listening to him for 20 years and haven’t heard one yet.”

“The Three Stooges — Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and Ann Coulter — are now the leaders and voices of the Republican Party, replacing the outgoing Three Stooges — John McCain, Sarah Palin and Joe the Plumber.”

“If you’re fed up with political signs, just try removing them, even on your own property. The political self-servers have passed laws allowing them to use city utilities easement on your land for their signs. Their laws make it illegal to even touch their signs. So you have to appear to endorse candidates even if you oppose them. What happened to landowners’ right of free speech, or not to endorse a candidate?”

“Stop with the whining about Kurt Warner’s salary. It doesn’t come out of your pocket, and it wouldn’t save one house or one job if he worked for nothing.”

“I would like Sheriff Joe to explain to me why Charles Barkley deserves a private tent and special treatment. Why should celebrities not be treated like the rest of the criminals?”

“Charles Barkley in jail? I love Sheriff Joe, but I wish he would stop these phony photo deals where he gets to walk into tent city with a famous person. What we need is to hear is Charles Barkley is going to go to high schools and talk about drinking and driving, and being a multi-multimillionaire, maybe he could be fined where the money would go to the basketball programs at the Boys and Girls Club.”

“If you or I did what Sir Charles did, we would be in jail until Easter. Shame on TNT for putting the family cheater back on the air.”

“Sheriff Joe and his posse need to take a vacation to Las Vegas. They could help Vegas’s moron mayor get rid of all those illegals who try to pass out those disgusting girlie trading cards … on the strip.”

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