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The Vent: November 19

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Posted: Sunday, November 18, 2007 11:33 pm | Updated: 5:39 pm, Fri Oct 7, 2011.

“The children killed by their father in Chandler, I blame the courts for those deaths, to let those children even be with him when he was so emotionally unstable.”

“Your kids should be hugged every day, not just when a triple-killing makes you want to do it.”

“Dear Mr. Robert Parker, how tragic to publicly put your wife and children through the article you wrote in the Tribune. If you have a different sexual orientation, keep it to yourself, not embarrass your sweet family.”

“This is 2007. Everybody needs to stop getting all riled up every time someone comes out as a homosexual. Grow up.”

“Great idea, photo radar for the whole state. When I travel the freeways driving the speed limit, people go by me all the time speeding. Today, we saw one going 80 mph or more go by us, cutting through traffic zig-zagging down the freeway.”

“I just got this post card to send back to the Maricopa County Elections Department if you want to get put on their permanent (early) ballot list. If you send it back, three out of the four pieces of information that somebody needs to steal your identity is right there in the open, not covered, going through the mail as a post card.”

“Newsflash: People in Georgia joined together to pray for rain. It may not be enough right now. But the prayers were answered. Hint, hint, hint. Arizona!”

“Now that President Bush’s nomination for attorney general has been sworn in, I believe the first thing on his agenda is to go to right to the bottom of prosecuting Barry Bonds for perjury just so they can get his record released.”

“Barry Bonds is no more guilty of perjury than Scooter Libby … Wait a minute. Uh-oh!”

“I can’t believe that Bush, in a last attempt to raise his popularity, is going to try to make the planes run on time.”

“If Ms. Clinton runs the country as president like she answers questions, we’re really going to be in trouble.”

“What a joke about the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission suing the Salvation Army about two employees speaking their national language while working the back room (Tribune, Thursday). In Phoenix and Scottsdale, Goodwill and Salvation Army make announcements over the intercom in Spanish all the time.”

“If I can only speak English on the job, will I get fired for speaking French with my friends who are taking a French class with me?”

“No money for American troops. Congress is like a bunch of little kids. If you don’t vote my way, I won’t vote your way. And the heck with who is caught in the middle, like all U.S. citizens.”

“To 200,000-plus civilian employees of the Defense Department and the defense contractors  …  happy holidays from the Democrats.”

“I looked at Rural Road this morning, lo and behold, there was one car. Why, that’s a great return on investment, an entire six-lane (roadway) with only one car for miles.”

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