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The Vent - February 28

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Posted: Wednesday, February 28, 2007 5:31 am | Updated: 7:46 pm, Fri Oct 7, 2011.

“Your front page story (Tuesday), ‘Immigrants less likely to commit crimes, study says,’ is a bold-faced lie. Go sit on a grand jury in this county for six months and see what percentage of violent crimes are committed by illegals.”

“To the team that wrote the immigrants are less likely to commit crimes. They are raping little children. They are killing each other. Don’t forget 9/11. I don’t know what that team is smoking, but ask them if they want to sell some of it.”

“I want to thank you for your article pointing out that the illegal immigrants here are more likely to be law-abiding residents. There are a lot of people here … that try to blame all of our crime on Mexicans coming here and I’m sure 90 percent of them are law-abiding.”

“If immigrants prey on immigrants and don’t report the crime, is it a crime?”

“(In Tuesday’s) paper, Gov. Napolitano is quoted as saying ‘in the absence of meaningful federal action, it is up to the states to take action to address climate change.’ Yet, when it comes to illegal immigration. she sees no reason whatever for the state to take action in the absence of meaningful federal action.”

“It is great to see the governor has solved the crime problem, the illegal immigration problem, the school problem and the only problem she has to solve now is the horrible humans causing this global warming. Boy, is she out of touch.”

“I just read in the Tribune about Janet taking aim at greenhouse gases. My comment is go, Janet, go!”

“If the state is truly concerned about eliminating greenhouse gases, they could start by eliminating the 120-mile drive that jurors are required to make. From east Mesa to Surprise is totally ridiculous.”

“I am a U.S. citizen born and bred who happens to be Hispanic, as was my father, and mom was an illegal immigrant. But according to your venters, if I choose to display a Mexican flag to honor my heritage, I must be illegal. What ignorance!”

“To the venter (Tuesday) who thinks that legal Canadians have a right to fly their flag. How do you know they all are legal, because they look like you?”

“Shame on you Canadians if you fly a Canadian flag without a United States flag at least of the same size. It’s just bad manners.”

“I personally don’t care where you come from. This is the United States of America and the only flag that should be flying on our soil is the Stars and Stripes.”

“Saturday’s Parada del Sol did not have 1,000 horses. Can you count? Also, there were large gaps in the parade. Maybe they were taking the horses to the back of the parade and counting them (again).”

“The city of Tempe telling long, long time business Tops Liquor that they can’t leave boxes outside to actually get use from? Boy, they’ve come a long, long way down hill since Harry Mitchell was running Tempe.”

“Those terrorists that tried to kill Cheney, how lucky they are that Cheney didn’t have his shotgun with him, or they would be sorry.”

“Al Gore received an Oscar for his movie about global warming and I think that’s fitting because Hollywood is all about make-believe.”

“I just wanted to show my wife how to use the speaker phone. Thank you.”

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