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The Vent - October 28

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Posted: Saturday, October 28, 2006 7:36 am | Updated: 4:29 pm, Fri Oct 7, 2011.

“This is for the little Halloween trickor-treaters. If the house is dark and there’s no light at all, don’t stop there. Don’t aggravate the people. Many times they’re old and just don’t feel like coming to the door or otherwise participating.”

“Sure am glad I opened ‘Get Out’ to check out Halloween activities. Not one kid-friendly place was featured. Only bars for adults to get dressed up and get drunk. I thought Halloween was supposed to be for kids.”

“Mesa gets a new police chief — (he) takes charge, reassigns, makes things run smoother. Tempe gets a new police chief — he needs a babysitter for a year.”

“Eminent domain doesn’t take property from people. They pay them for it. They make it sound like (government) is stealing their property.”

“I urge everyone to vote ‘yes’ for the proposition to send Russell Pearce to Mexico.”

“I’ve had it with this Harry Mitchell guy. What happened to this Steve Owens guy who used to crawl out from under his rock every two years to run against J.D. Hayworth?”

“If Len Munsil wants to tear down a 9/11 memorial, why doesn’t he head to New York? They could use his help.”

“So Jim Pederson has gone from bankruptcy in 2000 to investing $12 million in his campaign in 2006. Sounds like he’s the man we need to get this country out of debt.”

“The Democrats have got to be upset at the Supreme Court ruling that we get back our Proposition 200. That will cost them thousands of illegal votes they were counting on, on Nov. 7.”

“In response to the Venter (Thursday) about Vermont being smarter: around July and August when the temperature reaches 120 (degrees) in Arizona, who’s the smartest now?”

“We wouldn’t have to raise the minimum wage if everybody in the United States would take $5 to $10 an hour less than what they are making. Might even keep some businesses in the United States.”

“President Bush says there’s a parallel between the violence in Iraq and the Tet offensive in Vietnam. How would he know, as he was sitting on a barstool on a National Guard base in Alabama during Vietnam.”

“President Bush, redefine victory. Declare success and get out.”

“We lost 7,000 men for an island a few miles by a few miles called Iwo Jima. We lost just about 2,000 for a country the size of California. Let’s get the job done and then leave, but not until it’s done.”

“Donald Rumsfeld couldn’t win a game of Risk if you spotted him Asia and Europe.”


“According to all of the political ads, are all politicians crooks, liars and cheats? Is there one good apple in the basket?”

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