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The Vent - January 7

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Posted: Sunday, January 7, 2007 7:17 am | Updated: 7:11 pm, Fri Oct 7, 2011.

"Why does our governor want more new residents? Does she realize the water situation? This Arizona native wishes she would wake up to this serious situation. And no new developers, either. We want no more destruction of our beautiful desert. It’s all disappearing.”

“I heard the governor say that managing the growth of this state is going to be one of her main duties in the next four years. Janet, let me give you a tip: Build a big wall at the southern border of our state, and managing the growth will be no problem at all.”

“I just read that the crude oil prices are the lowest since June 1995. The pumps don’t seem to go anywhere but up — but the cattle keep coming in.”

“Will the oil companies please explain why oil is $55 a barrel and gas is still $2.35 a gallon?”

“We just read (Tuesday’s Page A1) story about Mr. Charles Haroutunian ... This is just unbelievable. I just wonder who is minding the store?.... What kind of governance do we have when something like this can happen to someone? May God have mercy on us. “

“Whoever sexually abused those puppies made me sick. They should get five years in prison and they shouldn’t have any animals — and they should be drafted.”

“Do not get rid of ‘Dibert’ and put in ‘Hagar the Horrible’ as one of your venters has recommended. ‘Dilbert’ is one of the best cartoons you have. The (venter) who likes ‘Hagar the Horrible’ must also love ‘Garfield.’ Yeek!”

“So Oprah Winfrey is giving money to South Africa. The people complaining are just jealous that she’s not giving it to them.”

“To all you people who want to quit smoking: You get the gum. When you need to smoke, you chew it a couple of times. Then you quit chewing it and you don’t need to smoke.”

“The Bush administration chose to ignore the pre-9/11 clues. No communications or meetings to discuss intelligence information. They were hell-bent on invading Iraq.”

“Get your facts straight. The Clinton administration tried to take out Osama bin Laden prior to 9/11. (It) also warned the Bush administration about al-Qaida and Osama. Bush did nothing prior to 9/11 except ignore other warnings. Which administration was trying to stop al-Qaida prior to 9/11?

“(It was reported that) $1.24 million was saved on Social Security’s direct deposit. And how many minutes of the Iraq war will that cover?”

“Oh, boo, hoo over taunts when Saddam Hussein was hanged. What were his comments as he gassed women and children and entire towns?”

“I don’t normally watch football on TV, but I did enjoy watching the Fiesta Bowl. It was especially nice to see coaches who were not all angry and red-faced, chewing out the players when they came off the field. Both coaches seemed to trust the players and it was enjoyable to watch. Too bad it can’t be like that all the time.”

“Seems like these schools have been closed forever. How long does the Christmas vacation last around here?”

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