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The Vent: February 25

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Posted: Monday, February 25, 2008 9:49 pm | Updated: 11:47 pm, Fri Oct 7, 2011.

“Sen. Karen Johnson has the right idea, because those that would get a license to carry a gun (in schools) would be checked out, and those who want to kill would not have a chance of doing that because they would be shot on the spot.”

“Attention parents and students: riding the bus is a privilege. It is not a right.”

“I watched on the news about the (Higley) bus driver who got in that scuffle with the kids (Tribune, Friday). The bus driver was right. The mom that says she’s going to push it to the hilt, I’d like to see her drive a bus for just one day. You know what? She couldn’t handle it.”

“Any parent who criticizes the bus driver in that Higley incident should be made to ride the bus for a week with these girls who are so sassy and rude to the drivers. The parents are responsible for that.”

“Are we supposed to feel bad for these (Tempe) teen mothers who can’t get a ride on the bus (Tribune, Friday)? This is ridiculous. They got themselves into this situation.”

“Where are the fathers?”

“Let their parents who raised them to pay for a taxi to take them to and from school. Taxpayers are tired of all the problems that some parents have caused.”

“I bet if we stop spending tax money on free medical (care), school day care centers and worrying about special school buses for babies, we’d have fewer teen pregnancies.”

“You live in a desert. Deserts are made of dirt. When the wind blows, dirt goes into the air. Don’t be surprised if there’s particulates.”

“Thank you, New York Times, for shoring up the heretofore fractured support for John McCain.”

“The next thing you know, The New York Times will be reporting that John McCain will have a three-headed baby born out of wedlock.”

“Ron Paul, thank you for giving us someone to believe in. Hillary, for your strength and poise. John McCain, you had my vote in 2000 but times have changed. OK, Obama, you’re my guy. You give us hope and the potential to unify our divided nation. Please don’t let us down.”

“This is for that person who said guns don’t kill people, bullets do (Vent, Friday). Let that person throw bullets at people. In short order, you’ll realize it takes a combination of a weapon, ammunition and an unstable human to kill people.”

“Having the atomic bomb and not using it doesn’t make us peace-mongers (Vent, Friday). In fact, check our history. We’re not exactly the arbiters of peace in the world.”

“Instead of bombs, satellites should be fitted with retro rockets. Then, when they need to brought down, they can fire the retro rockets to slow them down to bring them back into the atmosphere where they will burn safely over an ocean.”

“I also feel the pain of my fellow venter (Friday). I had an imaginary cat die this year also. It was killed by an imaginary coyote in my real trailer park.”

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