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The Vent: Oct. 7

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Posted: Sunday, October 7, 2012 8:11 am

“I attended my first and last Gilbert school board meeting this week. The most interesting part of the meeting was the obligatory moment of silence. I’d recommend that all school board members be required to join Toastmasters International before they hold another meeting.”

“Hey SRP, I’m tired of your rate hikes! Learn to live within your budget like families have to do!”

“Republicans should go all out on their zinger campaign. They would certainly accomplish more than they have in Congress. Who knows, it could even raise their approval rating because it’s the only solid plan I’ve heard them come up with.”

“Jim Lehrer deserves a dunce hat. He was K.O.’ed the first two seconds of the debate.”

“In order to get the most realistic practice for the Ryan v. Biden debate, Ryan should get Gary Busey to play the part of Biden.”

“To all of you claiming Obama lies all the time: Go through the debate transcripts and count all of the lies Romney spewed with such confidence and vigor. Let me know when you are done counting. It will take a while.”

“Wow, Romney’s going to magically create 12 million jobs! I might be impressed if it wasn’t so glaringly obvious that he’s pulling that number out of thin air. What kind of jobs, governor? Menial labor jobs or professional jobs? Wait - if it’s 12 million unskilled jobs, that should provide full employment for the estimated 12 million illegal immigrants that are believed to be in this country.”

“President Obama mentioned his grandmother twice in the debate. He stated that she passed away just a few days before he was elected. If she died in Chicago, I’ll bet I know for whom she voted. The second time was when he spoke of Medicare and in his reference it seemed to me that she was yet living. So I wondered if she is still getting Medicare benefits too?”

“Under President George W. Bush, there were violent raids on American Embassies in Yemen, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, India, and Turkey. ‘Those are not proof that Bush was weak or even wrong in his foreign policy. They are proof that the president of the United States is not Lord of the Universe.’ —”

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