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The Vent: Oct. 4

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Posted: Friday, October 3, 2008 8:39 pm

"Good, I'm glad you don't print any of my vents, because now I'm going to tell you what I really think."

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"Good, I'm glad you don't print any of my vents, because now I'm going to tell you what I really think."

 Have more to say? Send in your vent

"I am 93 years old and believe me when the unemployment rate was 25 percent in 1930 we had people hungry and more home foreclosures. Congress had better get off their rear - reactivate the CCC - bar any imports that can be made by our people. Put money in the hands of people."

"Here's my prayer to the economy: crash, crash, crash! I've been unemployed for four months. It ain't going to affect me."

"Wanna know who really benefits from Prop. 100? Just follow the money. All of those expensive ads on TV were paid for by developers and realtors, and you just know it's not your interest they've got in mind. They know that other taxes would be raised instead - a burden they won't have to share. No on 100!"

"I am really sick of seeing all of these misleading Prop. 105 ads claiming that 'majority rule' is their real aim. What they're not telling you is that it means future props will require the majority of all registered voters - including the lazy clods that never vote! We don't want their 'non-votes' canceling ours, on future important proposition issues!"

"I agree with the venter who wants the leaders of Guadalupe to apologize to (Sheriff Joe) Arpaio. However, they must do it right. Be sure the news media is there, get on your knees and kiss his ring, and promise never, never, never again will you exercise your right to free speech when addressing his highness. Yup, I bet that would do it!"

"Randy Parraz, if you can't conduct yourself in an orderly manner at a meeting, was told to leave because of it and refused, you got exactly what you deserved. The ones who create the problems are the ones who scream the loudest."

"Hello, taxpayers' money at work. Lawyer Dennis Wilenchik is defending Arpaio and the county jails. Yet, Andrew Thomas, the county attorney, fired Wilenchik over the fiasco with the New Times. Must be nice to get fired and still get paid by the taxpayers."

"These commercials with Joe and Andy, or is it Stan and Ollie, show the two definitely deserve each other. I think we deserve better."

"Does anyone know if Gregory Giczi, KAET-TV general manager who resigned this week, had on a golden parachute?"

"The commercials (about) David Schweikert talking about how he supports a national sales tax do not mention this national sales tax would replace the income tax and a whole bunch of other federal taxes. So get it right. By the way, I am voting for Harry Mitchell. But get the facts right."

"Why can't our politicians tell us what they stand for and not just smear the opponent? How can I make a decision?"

"Is it just me or are the newer Arizona licence plates cheaper looking than ever? The lettering isn't embossed, just painted. Considering what our plate fees are and that we're supposed to keep our old plates even when we buy new cars, why did the state decide to make the plates look practically disposable?"

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