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The Vent: Feb. 2 || Politics; Richard Sherman; Aviation

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Posted: Sunday, February 2, 2014 3:00 am

“N.J. Gov. Chris Christie seems to have a difficult time trying to differentiate between bipartisanship and racketeering, but he should get the same fair trial everyone else gets Sunday morning talk shows.”

“Why are the Dems so up in arms about Christie practicing Chicago Democratic style politics?”

“Hopefully New Jersey will learn from Illinois and throw Christie in the pen where all of the crooked Illinois politicians end up.”

“Stanford had to change its nickname from the ‘Indians’ to ‘the trees’ several years ago. After watching Richard Sherman and Jim Harbaugh I believe it’s time for another change — how about ‘the obnoxious trees?’”

“Since vehicles on roadways are required to have mufflers to control loud sounds, why aren’t airplanes required to have the same? I’m sure that a pilot with a loud airplane would not like to have a truck with no muffler continually drive past his/her home. The airspace noise abatement issue needs to be addressed.”

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