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The Vent: Jan. 30

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Posted: Wednesday, January 30, 2013 10:16 am

“Another garment factory fire in Bangladesh. These factory owners/operators should be punished by being impaled on a stake in front of their burned out factory. And their execution should be televised.”

“Sending women out on the field to compete with men in the Super Bowl seems ridiculous. President Obama thinks sending women out into combat to compete with men is a great idea. And Republicans are accused of waging war on women?”

“I see Obama’s team is working on closing the Navajo generating station near Page. It will cost approximately 1,000 Navajo’s to lose their jobs to appease the environmental left. I wonder if the Navajo’s who are predominantly Democrats are beginning to realize like some the rest of us are finding out about the vote? You reap what you sow!”

“Every year 5 to 8 children die in backyard pools in just the Phoenix area. When are we going to get laws passed banning these child killers? Do you really need 20,000 gallons of water in your back yard, just waiting to take the life of another child? If only one child is saved with these laws, isn’t it worth it? Would it be worth it if that one child was yours? Enjoy your pool. And bath tubs!!! Don’t get me started on those.”

“Why don’t Govt. release the following each month; ‘How many people off of welfare and how many were added?’ M’think’s it could also contribute instead the comparison of ‘how many employed vs. unemployed.’”

“What’s the difference between Barak [sic] Obama and Lance Armstrong? One’s a Dope, the other a Doper.”

“I have to wonder... all of these very vocal right to life abortion opponents that are totally against abortion, no matter what the circumstances — are these same people actually signing up to be foster homes, or better yet, adoptive parents, for all the children they profess to want to save? If they aren’t willing to put their money (and time and effort) where their mouths are, it is just so much posturing and a desire to run other peoples lives.”

“Clinton now says she couldn’t punish the incompetents that were only doing her and Obama’s bidding in Benghazi. Then what were all the press releases about a couple months back that stated they had punished people? Oh that’s right they are Democrats, lies are all they know.”

“I think Hillary said it all when she accepted full responsibility for Benghazi. You cannot be strong and prepared everywhere for a sneak attack, especially when you are underfunded by your accusers. She is lucky, 2,000 years ago she would have been crucified for the sins of her accusers.”

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