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The Vent: April 17 || politics; Flight 370

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Posted: Thursday, April 17, 2014 4:30 pm

“Sadly, over the past 6 decades, I have watched the U.S.A. fall from being the world’s guarantor of freedom and justice to being the old geezer that stands on his front porch yelling ‘You kids stay the hell off my lawn!’ ”

“Holder won’t do anything with the Contempt of Congress citation against Lerner. He has already shown he does not believe in the Constitutional checks and balances and division of powers outlined therein when he lied to, then stonewalled Congress on the fast and furious investigation.”

“For the last five years, I have been saying ‘Oh, Bama’ as a mild form of swearing. Now, I am hearing my husband and the people I share an office with using it! I hear it from a lot of customers, too! Sad that our president has devolved to a dirty word.”

“To date, the biggest news story of this year is the disappearance of Flight 370. This could be the story of the year or even of the decade. CNN has been reporting it to us (USA) and to the entire world where CNN is carried and respected. Too bad some people are bored with it when so many lives have been lost in a great mystery. If and when the mystery is solved, some major and forever changes could be made in the airline, science, political and economic world. Reader in Sunday Tribune Vent fails to see the BIG picture in his small mind and is selfishly bored.”

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