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The Vent: May 15

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Posted: Thursday, May 15, 2008 1:03 am | Updated: 8:42 pm, Fri Oct 7, 2011.

“Thanks to David Molina who again clearly pointed the way for Mesa to be financially clean and responsible (Tribune, Saturday). We can only hope Mesa will give heed to the advice.”

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“Thanks to David Molina who again clearly pointed the way for Mesa to be financially clean and responsible (Tribune, Saturday). We can only hope Mesa will give heed to the advice.”

Have more to say? Send in your vent

“To the venter wanting to know of Chandler restaurants where you can actually converse. Shhh, it’s a secret but I’ll share with you the only place in town. The restaurant at the San Marcos hotel has a quiet, private patio overlooking beautiful flowers and a water fountain. … Shhhh, please keep it a secret!”

“Somebody complained in the paper about the loud music in restaurants. I’m complaining about the loud music in the grocery stores. You can’t even hear yourself think anymore.”

“I hope the city of Mesa stops every business from putting up a sign, big, little, mom or pop.”

“The Tribune reported (Saturday) a Mesa female police officer was approached by a fellow who demanded oral sex. She said to him it would cost $20 and when he agreed she promptly arrested him for prostitution. Come on George (Gascón), this is a primo case of entrapment. Are you paying attention to what your officers are doing or spending all your time arguing with Joe Arpaio?”

“Are there any apartment complexes smoke-free in Mesa or Tempe?”

“This is for the guy talking about the floor mill in Tempe being dilapidated and needing to be torn down. The rest of the world doesn’t tear down its old buildings. … It’s what makes history.”

“If Kim Anderson, who is on the school board in the Higley district, doesn’t know what’s going on with the superintendent, then maybe she’s the one being ineffective. Maybe she’s the one who needs to resign.”

“Driving up to the church in Gilbert in your new Toyota, with trunk speakers, asking for groceries from the food shelf (Tribune, Saturday)? Strange — when jobs and resources were limited, we bought groceries first, hoped the older model car would last and wished for a new car!”

“Wake up, Gilbert! Queen Creek is getting a cemetery. You are too busy letting builders build empty office buildings, hoping to get revenue from them. It is shameful that a town the size of Gilbert is not interested in working with a land owner to set aside land for a cemetery.”

“I’d like to know how we can go about getting a recall effort for Tom Miller and his TopFlight football. I’m really tired of reading about Tom Miller and what’s not working for him.

“In regards to the ‘Pinpoints Pinal’s weakest link’ (Tribune, Thursday), we don’t need more north-south highways. We need more ways to get out when there is a closure. Three ways in, three ways out.”

“The people that bought homes in the area that is only reachable by Hunt Highway did so knowing that was the case. So if they want a new superhighway to replace Hunt Highway, let them pay for it themselves.”

“Those people from Scottsdale whining and complaining about construction. Do everybody a favor. Do their job for a day. I’d like to see how well you fare out in all that heat.”

People whose sleep is interrupted at 7 in the morning when workmen start are missing the best part of the whole day — the sunrise!”

“To all of you murdered-animals-eating advocates, everyone I know who turned vegetarian or vegan got lots healthier. That’s a fact.”

“If the Scottsdale school board thinks for one minute that we parents who have children at Desert Mountain (High School) are going to sit by and idly do nothing while they overcrowd our (school), they have another think coming. They better get a grip. Boundaries need to be changed.”

“Just because they live in Paradise Valley and have big, fancy homes doesn’t mean they can’t conserve water.”

“Hey Bob Vairo and your Coalition for Pinnacle Peak … actually, good idea. Buy more land out there. Create more parking for Pinnacle Peak Park. You know what? All of you people who’ve got money to burn in your fireplace this winter, why don’t you chip in? Quit finding ways for the city to spend money they don’t have.”

“Besides a white elephant, let’s see what SkySong has brought to Scottsdale within a 1-mile radius of it. Two dealerships gone, one ready to move. Loss of a grocery store and a furniture store. Not bad, not bad, not bad.”

“You have to have a positive vent once in a while. Hats off to Michael Grady for ‘A girl named mom’ (Arts&Life, Sunday). That was super, Michael!”

“My economic stimulus check should just about cover medical expenses so far this year. That’s stimulating.”

“The stimulus checks, robbing one citizen to pay another, cost a lot to administer and mail. Why not just give police a national holiday, and the transfer of wealth would be efficient and complete — while not costing the government a dime!”

“Has anybody investigated why there have been so many small plane accidents lately? It’s scary because they were flying over heavily populated areas.”

“My mom says her dad used to say ‘All the crazy people ain’t dead yet.’ Grandfather was right. I’m alive.”

“While the U.S. government and the U.N. argue about whether to invade a country committing murderous neglect to its people, the U.S. health care system is killing Americans with murderous neglect over money.”

“Someone wrote (a housewife is worth) $30,000. A man works hours per days (and) watches sports 12 hours per day. The woman works outside her home, has three kids, takes care of them, washes clothes, makes the meals for everyone, cleans the house … How much is that worth per year? $250,000.”

“How can you print a 600-plus word article on postage increases with no mention of the “Forever” stamp? I bought enough to last the rest of my life, and then can pass them on to my kids!”

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