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The Vent: March 8

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Posted: Sunday, March 10, 2013 10:17 am | Updated: 7:23 pm, Fri Mar 29, 2013.

“Is there a criminal penalty for shooting down a drone over U.S. soil?”

“Here is a good idea for cities that want more revenue: Make a new law that prohibits parking on city streets overnight. They could hire people to work at night and go around the city looking for violators and issuing tickets for $25 to the violators. Judging by the amount of people that park in the streets this would be a money maker for all cities that would do it and the money they collect would pay for the people they hire to issue tickets.”

“Due to the sequester, the White House has decided to let 5,000 illegal aliens loose rather than cut the $50 million purchase of new uniforms for the TSA. Sounds like Obama has his priorities a little mixed up. We, the children, are being punished, too, because they have decided to curtail tours of the White House, which happens to be our house that we paid for with our taxes. Someone needs to have his head examined. Just how long are we going to sit in the corner until he comes to his senses?”

“Our current president is proof that Chicken Little and the Boy that Cried Wolf procreated and had a son; a thin skinned bully who tries to scare Little Bo Peep’s sheep into believing the sky is falling and the evil Republicans are going to eat us all. Give it a rest, already! You cannot scare all of the people all of the time.”

“The Great Recession will not be over until everyone who wants/needs a regular, full-time job has one.”

“To the liberal on Sunday who claimed that Republicans are filled with hate, I challenge you to give me one valid example of hate-mongering from the Republicans. I can give you dozens of examples of hate-mongering from you liberals. Just listen to Chris Matthews, if you’ve got the stomach. You’ll be lucky if you don’t throw up before five minutes pass.”

“All union leaders are crooks not only because hundreds have been arrested but because they all demand the right use extortion as a means of funding their extravagant lifestyles.”

“Sens. John McCain and Lindsey Graham should be able to turn this sequester thing into some kind of White House conspiracy. Just what do they think they are getting paid for? Maybe start checking blogs from people who can’t pass a background check and get some solid leads.”

“Hugo Chavez is dead and he was dead wrong when he called George W. Bush the devil. Dick Cheney was the devil and Bush a disciple. Just ask the families of 4,000 dead troops, and not one WMD to show for it. Bush senior overthrew the sovereign government of Panama, W. Bush overthrew the sovereign government of Iraq. Now Jeb Bush wants to be president What sovereign government will he overthrow, and will he use drugs or WMDs as an excuse?”

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