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The Vent: Oct. 3

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Posted: Wednesday, October 3, 2012 7:31 am

“Voter fraud in Florida, how could this happen? Sounds like the laws were aimed in the wrong direction, at honest people. Does anybody really think that hundreds of millions in campaign funds would draw the finest people?”

“If the Republicans are the ones waging war on women, why do the Democrats love Bill Clinton so much? He was a one-man wrecking crew in a lot of women’s lives, then lied under oath to cover it up. Democrats love their revisionist history.”

“How many people does Gov. Romney employ? He’s a bazillionaire, so according to the GOP party line (tax cuts for rich people equals more jobs for the rest of us), he should be starting a bunch of small businesses and putting lots and lots of people back to work.”

“I have read every Vent since day one, and thank you for posting right around 80 percent of what I’ve sent in over many years. But, today I saw the most idiotic Vent ever. When I read “who else would show up at a demonstration with rocket-propelled grenades or assault rifles besides terrorists or our own tea party,” I felt sorry for whoever sent that Vent in. You see, mental (illness) is a terrible disease, especially when a person has no idea they are that sick. But, I’m sure Obama is counting on people like that. I don’t think most of Obama’s BASE made it past 10th grade!”

“Romney’s silence on his faith: If Romney put his faith on the table, he’d have to address some uncomfortable aspects of Mormon history, including its founders’ polygamy and racism, and chief prophet Joseph Smith’s odd revelations, including his revision of the Bible and his assertion that Jesus once visited America. In the Book of Mormon, God will take care of everyone. I wish He would start now before we destroy our only planet.”

“I am a registered Republican of 47 years who will be voting for Obama and Carmona.”

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