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The Vent - October 31

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Posted: Tuesday, October 31, 2006 5:29 am | Updated: 4:48 pm, Fri Oct 7, 2011.

“This is for the little Halloween trick-or-treaters. Halloween is about aggravating people. So you trick-ortreat wherever you want to.”

“As a residential faculty member at one of the local community colleges that puts in 12-hour days … and cares an incredible amount about my students and their success, the corruption at some of the colleges makes me absolutely furious.”

“The heads had better roll in that community college scandal that’s being uncovered, starting with the presidents right on down and don’t forget those board members.”

“The Tribune should, in no way, be connecting Russell Pearce to white supremacy. The fact that he wants to enforce laws to stop illegal immigration simply means he’s a good citizen of the United States of America.”

“I can’t understand all of the uproar about this (9/11) memorial in Phoenix … If you don’t like what’s your reading, don’t go read it.”

“Here’s a 9/11 memorial question for all of those hypocritical Democrats: Would you tolerate a monument to those who died in church fire bombings that had language sympathetic to the Ku Klux Klan?”

“I would like to know how come Wal-Mart can lower the price of prescription drugs to $4 when the state retirement board of Arizona can’t. My prescription co-payments have doubled for next year.”

“Thank you, Terry Goddard and Gov. Napolitano. We are not in the top 25 cities that are the most dangerous. Good job.”

“So, the (St. Louis) Cardinals won the U.S. World Series. However, can they beat Japan in the real world series?”

“The ‘Our View’ editorial on Friday makes me question the naive Tribune editorial people. Based on your view, the U.S. never would have developed an atomic weapon or used an atomic weapon on Japan to save hundreds of thousands of American servicemen’s lives.”

“John McCain says the Iraq war needs 20,000 more GIs. Tell John McCain the Iraq war needs to be over.”

“So, the U.S. is going bankrupt (Tribune, Sunday). Here’s a thought. Instead of cutting back on benefits to U.S. citizens, why don’t we start cutting benefits to citizens of other nations in their nations? Why don’t we cut back on foreign aid?”

“Sunshine is supposed to be make people more amiable. I guess Arizona is proof that’s not true.”

“I truly doubt there’s a study that says only nonsmokers are speeders.”

“Your mail-in ballot is of no value unless you fill it out and mail it or take it to your polling location.”

“Arizonans are supposedly the dumbest folks in the country, yet there are more initiatives on Arizona’s November ballot than any other state. Dumb people making whole lot of dumb decisions, that’s scary.”


“To the Venter who says Janet (Napolitano) has done a great job as governor, I challenge you. . .to name one great thing she has done to make you believe that. Just one. Bet you can’t.”

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