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The Vent - August 5

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Posted: Saturday, August 4, 2007 11:24 pm | Updated: 8:11 pm, Fri Oct 7, 2011.

“Part one, am I the only one that feels if you know there are coyotes in your area to never leave your small pets outside at night? Part two, why do people think the answer to an animal problem is to just start killing them?”

“Right on, Ms. Hibbard. Get rid of that Mesa Arts Center. It’s the ugliest thing that ever was born and I don’t know why we should be supporting it.”

“Now the Lingerie Bowl wants to play football on a golf course? Please!”

“Could someone please tell me why school starts so early and gets out so early? What’s the matter? Can’t they start after Labor Day and go until the middle part of June?”

“Boy, I feel good today. I saw a very tired-looking serviceman and I said ‘thank you for your service.’ He immediately cheered up and smiled. God bless them all.”

“Way to go AHCCCS. You deny me the medications I need for a life-threatening illness. Yet you spend $60,000 on thank you plaques? Your decision-making frightens me.”

“I’ve been wondering all day how someone can become so pathetic that they would actually call a newspaper to complain that other people aren’t paying for their kids’ health care. Only 40 years of liberalism could do that.”

“Lindsey Lohan can always look to NASA for future employment.”

“About this totally unsubstantiated report that claims smoking one marijuana joint is equivalent to smoking five cigarettes, I’ll tell you what. The vast majority I’ve encountered that smoke marijuana really don’t smoke more than one or two a day … So I guess they are doing less lung damage to themselves than actual tobacco smokers, huh?”

“To all of these people who keep ragging on Rupert Murdoch for buying The Wall Street Journal, comparing it to Homer Simpson and quality is going to go down, somehow I doubt that. Rupert Murdoch has raised the level of professionalism in every newspaper or media market that he gets into.”

“Why are we picking on ATV riders all of a sudden, that supposedly rip the desert and causing harm that does not go away (Vent, Thursday)? Homebuilders tear up the desert by thousands and thousands and millions and millions of acres every day. That never goes away.”

“One television station in Phoenix wants people to communicate with their Web site whether they believe there is intelligent life on Mars. I would like to know if there’s any intelligent life on planet Earth today.”

“How does it feel now, that you’ve been poisoning your kids with lead paint, poisoned toothpaste and other toxic substances that you’ve been buying from China? Are all of you penny-pinchers … that are driving American businesses out of business happy now?”

“(Retired) Lt. Gen. Kessinger of the U.S. Army that covered up Pat Tillman’s death should be busted down to private and he should probably go back to working at a Burger King … He does not deserve any mercy.”

“How can you demote anyone who no longer works for you?”

“I’m getting increasingly short-tempered with people who refuse to understand that patience is a virtue!”

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