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The Vent: Dec. 23

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Posted: Sunday, December 23, 2012 1:14 pm | Updated: 11:58 am, Tue Jan 1, 2013.

“President Obama can set an example by disarming his secret service entourage and declare his upcoming taxpayer-funded Hawaiian holiday a gun-free vacation.”

“So many congressmen advocate arming teachers. I would support that just as soon as everyone in the halls of congress is armed to the teeth. What could go wrong with that?”

“Placing Joe Biden in charge of forming a gun research committee made up of legislators is like placing Dick Cheney, a la shotgun, in charge of a partridge hunt.”

“I find it interesting the president picked Joe Biden to work with the gun control issue. Wouldn’t Biden have more experience with the mental illness issue?”

“When someone uses a gun to kill, people want to get rid of all guns, but when someone uses a car to kill, they want to hurt the driver. Talk about a double standard! They need to outlaw cars as killing weapons not the maniacs driving them.”

“How ironic it is that rabid-right Republicans — such staunch defenders of the right for a fetus to become a baby — support the very instruments that cause the Newtown, Conn. babies to die such a horrible, painful death. Why is it that once the babies are born, the GOP turns its back on them?”

“I’m an officer for the state of Arizona and have been trained in the use of firearms. By law I’m allowed to conceal or open carry a weapon, up till now I seldom did. But from this point forward, I will, praying to God I would be in the right place and time to prevent or stop what happened on that day! Some question whether the general population should own, let alone carry a weapon on their person. This is how I feel: Is that person, carrying a weapon, concealed or not, in front of me in the checkout line of a store, properly trained in its use and function? Arizona had a two-day course approved by DPS for the concealed weapons permit. Arizona needs to bring that back not only for concealed carry, but for whoever purchases any weapon. How it could possibly work would be like this: To purchase a weapon, first, you would go to one of the state approved classes and get certified. Then take that certification to the gun store of your choice for purchase. I know the NRA would have a fit at this suggestion. For me personally, I would feel safer and more secure knowing that the man or woman standing in the checkout lane, with a pistol strapped on their hip, knew what to do with it.”

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