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The Vent: Sept. 8 || ASU-area crime; Flake/Syria; Obamacare

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Posted: Sunday, September 8, 2013 2:11 pm

“Since Sen. Jeff Flake supports a military strike in Syria, perhaps some of his sons should join the military.”

“If the City of Tempe really wants to reduce its skyrocketing crime rate it would declare ASU a public nuisance and shut it down. At the same time arresting Michael Crow for running a criminal enterprise. (Allowing gang fraternities to organize and misrepresenting the value of the education ASU provides).”

“Hold on to your hats folks, the Democrats are going to show us how to fight a politically correct war!”

“Are the Republicans fighting so hard to stop the Affordable Care Act because they are afraid it will work and work well for the overwhelming majority of Americans? If it is so terrible, let it run its course and fail. That would be the biggest campaign boost the GOP has ever gotten.”

“I have to agree with Sen. Ted Cruz: Obamacare isn’t working! But that’s because it really hasn’t started yet, his own personal healthcare works like a well oiled machine, even if he is in canada. When it comes to health care he’s a double dipping hypocrite.”

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