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The Vent: Dec. 16 || Politics; shootings; police
Posted: December 16, 2014

“Interesting how the same liberal Democrats that are screaming how wrong it is to torture terrorists are the same ones that are using drones to kill those terrorist.”

“Would someone please tell that 9-year-old girl the truth. If her daddy never became involved with drugs and had not run from a police officer, he would be alive today. Whoever is putting her in front of cameras and letting her lead protests is exploiting her and her grief. That needs to stop.”

“Last year 76 police officers were killed on the job and 824 construction workers were killed on the job. The U.S. has more police officers than construction workers. So what is so dangerous about being a police officer?”

The Vent: Dec. 15 || Jan Brewer; interrogation; CIA
Updated: December 15, 2014 - 11:13 am

“Looking so forward to Jan Brewer being gone! Already got rid of Pierce, now just need to oust Sheriff Joe and John McCain!”

“Torture, not water boarding or sleep deprivation, I’ll tell you what torture is. Diane Feinstein or the weasel John McCain wringing their hands and wailing about how bad the CIA is for trying to get information from terrorists determined to kill us all. Why do Democrats choose terrorists over Americans at every turn?”

“It’s great hearing those on the self-proclaimed ‘law and order’ side of the political aisle justify the U.S. use of ‘enhanced interrogation tactics,’ better-known as torture. The U.S. signed on to follow the laws set forth in the Geneva Convention, did it not? So how can there not be some high-ranking U.S. officials brought up on war crimes charges?”

“How on God’s green Earth can this country condemn Vladimir Putin for violating a NATO treaty, when we ourselves violated the most sacred of all, the Geneva Convention.”

“It shouldn’t be up to politicians to release a report on torture by the CIA the proper way would be to have a grand jury sweep it under the rug, so guilty people can lead a normal life, and mainstream America remains fat dumb and happy.”

The Vent: Dec. 9 ||Immigration reform; DREAM Act; Coyotes
Posted: December 09, 2014

“With his executive order, President Barack Obama’s decision to act unilaterally outside of Congress has set back the debate on real immigration reform — and has made congressional action and useful solutions even more difficult to accomplish. It has only produced more liberal governmental stalemates.”

“I understand ‘civil rights’ are those we have according to the law … not something we want and demand! Question: where are the parents of these so-called dreamers? They are actually the ones who broke our laws by entering the country illegally!”

“How dumb is Coyotes management? We have all of these people coming to Arizona for the Super Bowl on Feb. 1 and what do the Coyotes do? They schedule the team to be out of town for the period Jan. 17 through Feb. 3.”

“Patterson, as usual, vents his spleen about his nemesis, Darth Obama. Predictable? Yes. Earth-shattering? No. Pitiable? Highly. Perhaps if he spent some time reading something besides magazine subscription inserts, he would know that the world has moved on past the 1980s ‘Actor-in-chief’ and his tea-leaf-reading second wife Nancy (remember Jane Wyman, anyone?). Shining city on a hill? I think Patterson is seeing the methane burn-off chimney at the Republican Party landfill of recycled ideas. ‘Smelled like …victory.’ “

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