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Letter: We don’t need another war

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Posted: Monday, December 2, 2013 4:00 pm

What’s with all the political posturing and saber-rattling by our “desk jockey admirals and generals” in the House and Senate? We see them rabidly calling for everything short of “carpet bombing” Tehran and turning it into another Dresden. Of course, none (or almost none) of the military-aged sons (or daughters for that matter) of these politicians have ever been in or ever will be in the U.S. military and have to fight in the wars that their mommies and daddies vote for.

America’s hands are not clean in regards to Iran. Our State Department had a big hand in bringing down a democratically elected Iranian president (Mohammad Mosaddegh) in the 1950s who had the nerve to nationalize their own oil fields. The CIA and the U.S. Army (including General Norm “Desert Storm” Schwartzkopf) trained the hated Shah’s security force, SAVAK, which killed and horribly tortured (foot whippings, nail pulling, cattle prods, sitting on red hot grills, etc) Iranian democracy dissidents by the thousands.

Yes, our embassy hostages were beaten and psychologically tortured (mock executions) but they were never physically tortured in those 444 days that they were held. While the American-trained and sponsored SAVAK brutalized Iranian citizens over 8000 days.

By the way, none of the 9/11 attackers came from Iran, most were from our ally, Saudi Arabia.

Now our saber-rattling “do and say anything to get elected” politicians in Washington are at it again. If these politicians want the donations and the votes from the pro-Israel (a nation that has nuclear bombs, by the way) Jewish lobby, then have the guts to come out publicly and declare that they are willing to put American military men and women in harm’s way in an Iran war for 30 pieces of silver and an “X” on a ballot.

As the old 1960s hippies and flower children used to chant: ”give peace a chance” for a change. America doesn’t need or want another un-winnable war!

Leon Ceniceros


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