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Letters: Ruling on Sharia law a wake-up call

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Posted: Friday, November 12, 2010 2:57 pm

The rulling by Vicki Miles-LeGrange, a federal judge in Oklahoma who has rescinded the vote by 70 percent of Oklahoma voters to ban Sharia law in that state, should be a wake-up call to all Americans. 

LeGrange is known for her liberal rulings, but this one is truly off the mark. Recognizing the law of any religion over the constitutional laws of the U.S. is wrong on any level. What’s next? If we allow one religion’s laws, will we also have to have Baptist law, Methodist law, Catholic law, Buddhist law, Shinto law, etc. Why just Muslim law? Is there a real move by the Obama administration to instill Sharia law into the U.S. judicial system? Is this yet another example of reaching out to the Muslim world by Obama? Unless I woke up in the twilight zone, I think this is still America, where we have established constitutionally-inspired rule of law. But that law is no Sharia or Muslim law. If Americans allow Sharia law, even if it only applies to Muslims, we will be following Islamic strategy whereby we have allowed the nose of the camel to come into the tent.

This is America. If you come into our country and become a citizen, you must abide by our laws — not your country of origin or religion laws. Do you think that Saudi Arabia or Indonesia would allow the use of Baptist law when trying an American in their country who happens to be a Baptist?

Dan Watson, Gilbert

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