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Letter: Honor our veterans — don’t shame them

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Posted: Wednesday, June 4, 2014 5:00 pm

Millions of Americans fought and died to establish and preserve our constitutionally guaranteed right to liberty. Why doesn’t that tell our elected officials where our priority lies? Without our liberty our lives, and more importantly the lives of our children, are reduced to centralized government tyranny and slavery.

Instead of protecting our liberty our government is taking both our liberty and our lives to grow the very form of centralized planning government we fought against for two centuries. When our own government takes our liberty with legislation such as the misnomered “Patriot Act” and the American Defense Authorization Act (ADAA) that literally eviscerates our Bill of Rights (thank you John McCain for sponsoring the nullification of our liberty), our “representatives” have declared that our American lives were lost in vain because our own government is becoming exactly what we fought to be free from. Who would have thought that Congress would pass a law that authorizes the federal government to arrest us without probable cause, deny us the right to a phone call or an attorney and incarcerate us indefinitely without a hearing or trial? That’s only one example of what McCain’s ADAA legislation does.

We now have a government that repeatedly hides behind the foil that the taking of our liberty is necessary to keep us alive. Such touted political philosophy is counter to being an American. That political rhetoric desecrates the graves of every veteran that served and gave their life to protect our liberty. What did they die for? It is time that our elected officials finally take action to honor those sacrificed lives by repealing legislation that steals our liberty and passing laws that will strengthen individual liberty and our state’s rights to secure our freedom. If they honestly believe in their oath of office, they can do no less. Please ask them what they will do so our vets did not serve and die in vain

Bill Sandry


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