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Letter: Mesa council and mayor give themselves early Christmas present

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Posted: Wednesday, January 8, 2014 11:30 am

It is interesting that the “selfless” council, excluding, Councilman Glover, deferred the raises for $19,000 — $32,000 plus to next year. They must have been very sure the recession and high unemployment will be past history by then. Or maybe they just don’t feel the recession as the majority of Mesa citizens.

Sure the salaries have only gotten cost of living increases for the most part the last 12 years, but what have the rest of the people received? Let’s go back to the bills we’re still paying from some of the illustrious deeds of past council decisions. First, there was that matter of the costs accumulated for the Supreme Court case Mesa insisted on pursuing against a car repair dealer. We are still paying for that misjudgment. The Court decided it was a misuse of seizure of property for “common good.” More recently, it was not out of common good that the council bulldozed the homes east of the Sheraton. Did that money go back to the uprooted or even to the city funds? The city gave it to a private German company for development. The land still remains barren and empty. I’m sure the sacrifice of those uprooted families is no longer a problem to them. Third, is the blunder of the premium Olympic pool that was partially built in the center of town then had to be scratched. We aren’t probably paying too much for that still. The angry voters later put caps on the spending limits of our “selfless” council. Tell me again about the wisdom of having a group decide their own salary. Per chance we attract candidates that gloss over past mistakes and are attracted to the job for the wrong reasons. Though the council has repeatedly said that their jobs certainly take up the demands of a full time job, they all retain their “other full time jobs” and technically it is listed as part-time. If council positions are to be full time, then all other forms of employment should be severed and strict laws forbidding conflict of interest (not self determined) need to be implemented. I am in favor of attracting quality candidates but disagree that we lean toward a large corporate CEO type or Wall Street mindset. We need people that can identify with needs of those less fortunate than themselves, especially during a recession.

Gene Allison


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