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Letters: Immigration atrocities must stop

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Posted: Thursday, March 10, 2011 3:00 pm

Why on Earth should a person be a citizen solely because their parents broke the law to allow them to be born on American soil?

I am a strict Constructionist. I believe that the Constitution should be upheld exactly as it was intended. The 14th Amendment is very well known in this state, yet the drafters intended for their words to be read a specific way and that is how the Constitution must be interpreted. There is no reason that the words of that document should be twisted and convoluted to allow citizenship to those that have no right to call themselves Americans.

The drafters intended to allow black slaves to be citizens. How did that idea become manipulated to the point where we allow for "anchor babies" to become citizens?

Finally, someone has stepped up and attempted to realign this country with the drafters' vision. Senate Bill 1070 opened the door to a debate that has sparked a solution to the infectious problem of illegal immigrants and false citizens. Senate Bill 1611 finally begins to crack down on this pandemic and is supported by Bills 1308 and 1309 which redefine citizenship. Hopefully this state will continue to return to the Constitutional intent and other states will follow suit so that this atrocity can be stopped.

Derek Shaull, Mesa

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