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Letters: Race card is only option for the Left

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Posted: Friday, June 10, 2011 3:30 am

Racism is alive and in full swing as defined by the Left. They define a racist as anyone who criticizes President Obama. Really? The criticism is directed at Obama because of his policies, which are diminishing U.S. standing in the world, preventing the economy from recovering with robust employment and reasonable prices for food and oil, and policies that bring more regulation and interference in every aspect of business and our personal lives.

We criticize his policies for the continuing devaluation of our dollar and the runaway federal spending that is pushing our debt to unconscionable levels. We are not critical of Obama because of the color of his skin. Jimmy Carter had previously been called our worst president ever. Now Obama has taken his place. And it is not because he is black.

The Left and liberals are pulling out the race card as never before. That's because it's the tried and true tactic and actually the only strategy they have.

Susan Leeper, Scottsdale

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