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Letters to editor: May 19

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Posted: Tuesday, May 18, 2010 7:32 pm

LEGALIZE MARIJUANA: It’s about freedom

I’m writing about Lee Riley’s thoughtful letter: “Legalize and tax marijuana” (4-11-10).

It seems to me that the legalization of marijuana is about freedom. The freedom to be left alone in the privacy of our own homes. The freedom for adult citizens to pursue their own happiness any way they want as long as they are not harming somebody else.

Kirk Muse, Mesa

FINANCIAL REFORM: Write your senators

The financial reforms being considered by the U.S. Senate are being attacked by powerful lobbyists. Write/e-mail/call your Senator and insist on strong safeguards to prevent another financial meltdown. The people who get hurt the most are regular citizens like you and me. My retirement savings lost approximately 50 percent of its value! I am concerned that I will not have enough funds to continue to be retired and will need to find employment at an age of 74. Please act now!

Dr. C Peters, Mesa

IMMIGRATION: Law not a big deal

First let me state that as a non-resident of Arizona I really don’t have an opinion about the controversial change in state law nor do I intend to express one. However as one who works in and spends more than half my time in Latin America I have had many questions about the recent change in the Arizona immigration law. Recently I have been in Bolivia, Ecuador and Colombia and saw friends from there as well as friends from Brazil, Peru, Chile, Cuba and Mexico. I have been questioned by all of them, people working at our hotels as well as people in the stores and on the streets.

So much so that I have printed the controversial change (Pt.2, Sec. B) in English, Spanish and Portuguese. I simply hand them a copy and let them read it for themselves. Their responses are always the same. “Well what’s wrong with that?” or “I see no problem with that!”

Amazing isn’t it? That educated, intelligent Hispanic people who are not under the influence of the leftist U.S. media, race-baiting Democratic politicians or hate groups such as La Raza, seem to think that the change is perfectly reasonable?

Also, as my work has taken me multiple times to every Latin American country, including the leftist paradise of Cuba. I can state that ALL have immigration policies and mandatory proof of legal entry far more stringent and draconian than Arizona, or any other state could ever dream of.

Tom Snelling, Bonita Springs, Fla.

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