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Letter: Mexico integrating with the U.S.

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Posted: Thursday, June 19, 2014 4:15 am

The border has been all but erased. Mexico is not coming: It is here. This is not racist rant. My Mexican great-great-grandparents were here when the whole Southwest was still Mexican territory.

The invasion is not an event to be feared, but to be prepared for. Mexicans are nice people. Learn some Spanish. Buenos días, Señor. Un gusto conocerle. You may like them well enough to vote for them (that already happened. We elected Raúl Castro governor of Arizona way many years ago).

“Glenn, how can you say such foolish things?! What we have to do is to seal the border!”

Look at the numbers: American women tend to have only two or three children. That is barely enough to replace themselves. Mexican women tend to have large families.

Look at the cultural aspect: American women tend to bottle-feed their few children, put them into day care and work to earn money to buy paper diapers, day care, prefabricated meals, nice houses and other goodies. Mexican women tend to stay home, nurse their babies, wash cloth diapers, cook from inexpensive ingredients and participate in their children’s education at the kitchen table.

Look at the work aspect: Although Mexicans in California are suckered into the welfare trap the day they get there, Mexicans elsewhere are looking for work: They want to work. They expect to work. They find work and they work. Employers with hard, nasty jobs find that Mexicans will do them.

Look at the crime aspect: Yes, there are Mexican criminals, but that is not the norm. A higher percentage of born-here Americans go into crime than Mexicans who come as adults to work.

Look at the education aspect: Coming from behind, having to learn a new and difficult language, the grandchildren of the immigrants (who don’t go to college) tend to be better educated in the things that count than the college-educated daddy’s-boys who waste their youth on Silly-Studies and partying.

Mexico is already here. This is truly the most peaceful, quiet and beneficial invasion in all of history.

Mexicans will not muscle us out. They will just slowly become Americans – one with us. We will probably even get to like them. As I said, Mexicans are mostly nice people. Muy simpaticos.

Glenn Jacobs


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