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Letters: Liberalism spreading like wildfire

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Posted: Friday, June 24, 2011 11:00 am

After watching the news on the Wallow fire and knowing that environmental groups sued to stop forest thinning, it made me realize liberalism is spreading like the Wallow fire with the same results. Here are just a few of the ways liberal ideology has changed our country.

They stopped domestic oil and gas drilling, making us dependant, and apologizing to the same countries that want us destroyed. They want free speech to protect anything pornographic, vulgar or related to their views but any reference to God or any opposing views must be banned. The life of a murder is worth fighting for and so is the termination of the innocent unborn. If you work hard and are successful you must be punished and pay entitlements to those that will not work. They want us to pay for a bigger more intrusive government with business-destroying rules and regulations and spending like there is no tomorrow (which may be true if this insanity does not stop) to fund their bucket list. Even after the Second Amendment was upheld by the Supreme Court, they are still trying back-door tactics through agencies like the IRS and EPA to bypass the court to impose gun controls. Dirty tactics including lawsuits, protests, name-calling and intimidation are their norm, then you are labeled a racist or bigot if you dare to disagree.

They went as far as laughing at the reading of the Constitution on the floor in the Capitol building, essentially laughing at everything this nation was founded on. Never before have we had such a taste of liberal ideology as we have in last few years and it’s a bitter taste. If we do nothing to stop its spread, it will be like looking over the destroyed forest that is gone forever, wishing we would have done something before it got out of control!

Gary Larson, Mesa

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