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Letters: Utah Compact wrong-headed thinking

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Posted: Wednesday, June 8, 2011 3:45 am

There exists an element of overly passionate wrong-thinking individuals, both in the state of Utah and here in Mesa, who have admitted their open hatred for Senate President Russell Pearce as well as SB 1070, which was lawfully passed by the Legislature and is now before the United States Supreme Court. They advance themselves as true enemies of this state.

These are cross-border (Utah, Arizona and Mexico) co-conspiratorial dreamers who openly promote their twisted desire to expand into Arizona the so-called "Utah Compact." They deliberately target and threaten Mesa to make a mean-spirited statement, partly because Sen. Pearce resides here, partly because of SB 1070 and all the greater good it will do for the citizens of Arizona, and therefore the United States of America, and not coincidentally because Mesa no longer tolerates the gangs of illegal hoodlums it used to have dangerously hanging out at all hours of the day and night on its street corners disrupting traffic, prostituting or selling drugs - otherwise presumedly presenting themselves as merely disadvantaged illegal "day laborers."

If Utah likes the presence of an illegal workforce, it ought to take good care of them and restrain them within its own state borders, "by any means necessary" as they say.

These anti-American individuals are advising Mesa to adopt this unholy compact. Honest Arizonans have no need for a compact tainted with human smuggling issues, illegal earnings remitted to Mexico, etc. It's a so-called dream act of a compact, which would essentially compromise the security of the rest of the United States, and promote an undeserving illegal workforce ahead of more deserving law-abiding taxpaying U.S. citizens. Any attempt to form such a compact will be immediately challenged in the federal courts.

Thom Trybus, Mesa

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