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Letters: Terrorism fight starts with visas

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Posted: Thursday, November 25, 2010 7:30 am

Instead of fighting foreign wars and tolerating invasive TSA searches at home, a more sensible solution to terrorism might be to simply stop granting visas to al-Qaeda operatives to come to America in the first place. All 19 of the 9/11 terrorists and the underwear bomber had government-issued visas. How would they have gotten here without them? Our east and west coasts are protected by vast oceans, and we can protect our north and south by bringing the troops home and stationing them on those borders.

Some concerns with this plan are:

1) How do we know who to refuse visas to? The answer is anyone that is an Arab Muslim. The moratorium on Arab Muslim visas can be lifted just as soon as the jihad is over.

2) If our troops secure the borders, how will nannies and gardeners from Mexico be able to come to America for a better life? They will have to enter the U.S. legally by filling out an immigration application.

3) What about terror cells already in the United States? Sending more troops to the Middle East won’t get rid of them. If Homeland Security does its job, we can eventually disband the TSA.

4)  Americans want Osama bin Laden’s head; what about our revenge? Give it up. Bin Laden’s head isn’t worth the life of one more American soldier.  Besides, the spread of Islam along with its militant faction is a numbers game we can’t win. We should cut our losses now and concentrate on protecting our homeland.

Michael Rhodanz, Mesa

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