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Letters: Immigration arguments lack important facts

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Posted: Sunday, August 29, 2010 11:29 pm

The maintenance of arguments in favor of any immigration law by conservatives and statists can only succeed by  ignoring the following three facts:

First, the rights of humans are not granted by the U.S. Constitution. These rights are inherent, and apply to all people. While any human is within the borders of the United States, it is the function of this government, should the government have any function at all, to guarantee those rights.

Second, this sort of cultural hedonism that we have created, which has bred a thought process of “our culture is a certain way, I like it a certain way, therefore a threat to what I like must be wrong” (i.e., the emergence of a secondary culture) is not compatible with basic ideas of liberty and freedom. Again, it is not the government’s duty to preserve this fantasy culture, but to preserve basic human rights and the culture of liberty and freedom.

Lastly, in direct response to the most typical arguments from the Right regarding the movement of people, who supposedly only want people to “obey the law”, any person with even a cursory knowledge of history and contemporary reality must concede that there is not always a direct correlation between what’s right and what is the law. Morality does not stem from the law, but rather the law must be a function of what is right and true. The future will judge us, and we cannot survive amidst xenophobic ignorance.

Robert Labarge, Mesa

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