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Letter: There are better excuses out there

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Posted: Sunday, December 2, 2012 4:00 pm

There is much ado about the U.S. Senate, and its questioning of Abassador Rice about her early statements regarding the murder of US Ambassador Stevens.

I don’t understand how anybody can still accept the limp-wristed concoction from the federal administration. I was embarrassed to hear such a weak story presented by white house flunkies.

Come on! With all the resources of the executive branch and the news media outlets than fawn on you, you couldn’t come up with a better excuse than an unknown video on the internet?

I could do better without knowing any background!

Let’s start with:

1. A spontaneous demonstration/celebration of the attacks on the twin-towers.

2. A planned protest against U.S. intervention (or non-intervention) in Libyan national affairs.

3. A reaction to some affront to their religion/government/culture by an American tourist or news reporter (those are never in short supply).

4. A protest against the decadence of western (American) television/motion picture/multi-culturalism.

The list could be endless! But an unknown, unseen video on the internet?

The biggest doubt I have is a result of wondering how many of those "local citizens" have internet access, or understand English? Put your thinking cap on to consider the ramifications of that!

Patrick Shepherd


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