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Letter: CEOs, 1 percent running this game

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Posted: Wednesday, January 16, 2013 2:27 pm

Can there be any doubt that it has become little more than a game, run by and for the wealthiest 1 percent and corporate CEOs?

I am constantly amazed how conservative talking heads and power brokers can continue to keep a straight face as they repeat the same old tired slogans and debunked talking points they’ve been hard selling for the past three decades.

You know the latest one well, that we can’t raise taxes on the job creators, despite the Bush tax cuts leading to a net loss of private sector jobs during his 8 years?

But the conservative belief that government is the problem and that competitive capitalism and private industry can always do a better job of things than a bloated government bureaucracy ever could, really needs closer examination.

We need look no further than Medicare, with its low 3 percent administrative costs versus 12 percent for private health insurers. No doubt, they hope you never stop to think about that one.

Toss in the fact there are no multi-million dollar salaries demanded by government employees and the real value and capability of government becomes that much clearer.

Oh wait, I forgot about the government-paid private corporate execs in the military-industrial complex who live in 20,000 square foot mansions on multi-acre estates outside Washington, D.C. in houses built with taxpayer dollars handed out by the Pentagon.

You are supposed to forget about that discrepancy, too.

Rod Livdahl


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