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Letters to editor: May 11

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Posted: Tuesday, May 11, 2010 2:14 pm

IMMIGRATION: Take that passion to Mexico

It would be a great service to this continent if the illegal immigrants, and their supporters, would take that same political activism they are demonstrating here back to Mexico. The rampant corruption in that country is what is driving them here, but rather than stay home and try to change it they bring it here.

Mexico is a beautiful country with about as many resources as we have. But, except for corrupt politicians, a tyrannical upper class and drug lords, no one wants to live there.

Our forefathers fought a hard-won battle to make this country what it is today. They would not tolerate the conditions that exist in Mexico.

They drew up documents to prevent outside subversion of immigration laws. Every effort is now being made to bypass those laws. It is becoming more difficult to differentiate between our own politicians and those obsessed with self-interest like those in third-world countries like Mexico. “Balkanization” may have already begun… A tipping point may have been reached.

We made legal immigration a priority and owe much of our success to those immigrants. They applied and waited their turn for citizenship. They enthusiastically learned the history, customs and language of their new country. Those that are illegally crossing our borders today are going to the head of the line and ignoring our laws. They are coming in such great numbers that they are changing our culture to theirs and making their own laws. Instead of finding a better life, they will create the same corrupt system and conditions they left behind.

Let’s take a what-if scenario: Since most illegal immigrants and their lobbyists claim that most of the Southwest really belongs to them anyway, let’s hypothetically cede Arizona back to Mexico. How long do you think it would be before the new Arizonans would be up trying to cross into Utah?

Brooke Cabaniss, Chandler

IMMIGRATION: Kudos from Montana

Honorable Gov. Jan Brewer, I commend your actions regarding illegal immigration! You have taken bold action that will, if not reversed, help to save the state of Arizona.

I was born in Nevada, spent most of my life in Las Vegas, and then moved to Southern California. This allows me to understand the problems that Arizona faces. These problems are one of the reasons I’ve moved to Montana. Sadly, these problems exist here also — although on a much smaller scale.

Your actions will help Arizona economically, your actions will help to prevent crime, drug trafficking, the potential spread of disease, the socio-economic burden born by Arizona Citizens to pay (through taxes) the cost of medical care and other social services that illegals have no right to.

I hope that governors office and Arizona will continue to fight the objections and resistance to your efforts, and encourage the rest of our country to follow your lead. I hope the people of Arizona, that may see temporary economic setbacks as a result of boycotts, will see that in the long term the people will be better off financially that Arizona will be a much stronger state.

Phillip Libby, Montana

PROP 406: Vote no, and we all win

I am writing to express my extreme opposition with Proposition 406 in Gilbert. This proposition not only blatantly misleads and misinforms the public, its very intent is irresponsible and frivolous and comes with a high cost and severe repercussions to an already struggling economy. Our community is filled with hard-working citizens that take time and pride in planning and maintaining their personal budgets to support their families; I would encourage our town government to do the same. If we use the current revenue resources, and make cuts — no tax increases — we all win.

Christine Halverson, Gilbert

PROP 406: Safety comes before propaganda

Have you seen the signs against the proposed tax increase for Gilbert? Taxed Enough Already. In other words, the Tea Party. Are you kidding me? These people don’t just want less government, they want everyone else to have less of everything, too. And, that’s what will happen if we don’t vote for the Gilbert tax increase on May 18. We’ll have less public safety and less security for our homes, for our families and businesses. Please don’t let this happen. I’m asking Gilbert residents not to listen to the propaganda that the Tea Party wants you to believe, and remember what public safety means to you and your family.

Raquel Fioresi, Gilbert

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