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Letters: Hill column lacks critical thinking

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Posted: Friday, July 9, 2010 5:30 am

Once again, as one of your Vent callers verbalized, Austin Hill spews his extremist conjecture (“Americans need a history lesson”, July 7). Folks, go to the internet and look up “critical thinking.” Wednesday’s column violates most of these precepts, which are presented to most college freshmen... and for a reason: to get them thinking in logical order. I’m not sure if Mr. Hill went to college, but his biases have NOT been internalized. It’s a shame; he tries so hard to be an intellectual, but merely intellectualizes. The difference is critical.

-- D.J. Diebold, Scottsdale/Mesa

Austin Hill writes that he was approached and chastised by an article he wrote about President Obama “having no intention of growing the economy, just wanting to control it.” That article in March of 2009 came just two months after Obama’s inauguration. How fair is that to make such a condemning statement and then wonder why people did not like it or accept it?  Well, maybe the Republicans liked it and accepted it about Obama after only two months in office, but any fair-minded individual with any intelligence would be offended by such an ignorant statement. I found so many discrepancies in what he reported about Obama’s policies in his article of July 7, 2010, I can only chalk it up to another misguided Republican attempting to wrongly influence the public masses.  

-- Rebecca Skelnik, Mesa

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