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Letters: Rodeo cruelty shouldn't be glorified

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Posted: Saturday, September 4, 2010 1:00 pm

I’m writing to angrily condemn your glorification of brutal rodeos with your disgusting, Aug. 29 story “Trainer Speeds Recovery of Injured Rodeo Lovers.”

All the emphasis of this extensive article was on the medical treatment of those who egotistically and sadistically torture, injure and cause the protracted agony and deaths of tragic “rodeo animals,” including young, terrified calves who are ruthlessly roped around their necks while running in excess of 20 mph, often sustaining severe bruises, broken bones and internal bleeding. Some become paralyzed from spinal cord injuries. Calves are often used in only one rodeo before they are destroyed because of their injuries.

Animals used in rodeos are physically provoked into displays of “wild” behavior. Electric prods, sharp sticks, caustic ointments and other devices are callously used on them. Flank straps or bucking straps are used to painfully squeeze their tender genitals, causing them to frantically writhe in a futile effort to rid themselves of the excruciating pain being exerted around their groin area, causing them to buck so violently they can suffer injuries.

The horses, calves and bulls used in vile rodeos are treated as “expendable.” Horses as well as cattle die of broken necks, backs and legs and have to be euthanized, if they are lucky. Many suffer for days in these horrendous conditions if there is no veterinarian present. Few laws protect animals exploited and maimed in rodeos, which also use barbaric spurs and wire tie-downs.

A cruel Texas veterinarian, commenting on his “practice” sessions, was quoted as saying, “I keep 30 head of cattle around for practice, at $200 a head. You can cripple three to four in an afternoon... It gets to be a pretty expensive hobby.”

The late veterinarian C.G. Haber, a slaughterhouse meat inspector for more than 30 years, described animals discarded from rodeos as so extensively bruised that the only areas where the skin was attached to the flesh were the head, neck, legs and belly. Rodeos are a cruel detour for cattle on the grim road to the slaughterhouse.

Don’t support cruelty to animals! Patronize only non-animal events such as concerts and animal-free circuses.

Donna Worthington, Mesa

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