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Letter: We need an executive

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Posted: Tuesday, February 26, 2013 4:48 pm

On Feb. 19, President Obama publicly threatened to further display his executive incompetence. Out of a $3.6 trillion budget he proclaimed that as the executive who proposed the sequester plan and signed it into law as a “compromise”, he can’t find anywhere to cut 2.4 percent in future spending except by letting first responders and teachers go and cutting the benefits and services for those on Medicare. That’s a “cut” in the future increase and not a cut in existing expenditures.

Why should any services be cut?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 73 percent of new jobs in the last five months of 2012 were government jobs.

If Obama just quit spending more money for new bureaucrats to write and enforce unneeded oppressive regulations we don’t want, he would have a good start in cutting the budget. Every new regulation, by definition, takes a little more freedom from us as individuals and our society as a whole. It’s his job as the executive to manage budget expenditures, cut waste, make operations efficient and save money so we should be operating with a surplus — just like the chief executive of any company does. That’s his executive responsibility and a duty for which he is accountable.

Instead of accepting his responsibility and accountability, he blames Congress. Evidently he can’t figure out how, or is afraid of being held accountable for, managing the administration of our government. Rather than being bold and innovative in finding an economic managerial solution he makes a blatant play to avoid accountability and, as he has so often in his life, blame someone else. Obama has said he wants Congress to kick the can down the road and come up with a “common sense plan” to make cuts. Obama has carte blanche authority to make “common sense” cuts now. Why doesn’t he? Why doesn’t he act like an executive, a leader, and make decisions? Is it fear of being held accountable?

Out of millions of federal employees with hundreds of thousands of redundant mid-level managers administrating thousands of useless and oppressive regulations that impede economic freedom and growth without any noticeable social benefit that provide no tangible results or service. Yet Obama can’t figure out what to do to save money without first cutting those on the front lines that directly provide our public services. It appears we do not have a mid-level manager much less a chief executive.

Bill Sandry


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