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Letter: Government officials do not fear punishment, but they should

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Posted: Sunday, February 3, 2013 2:23 pm

We have recently witnessed the exposure of various examples of abuse by government employees. This abuse includes the theft, pilfering and misuse of public monies, and also bribery. It seems that these people do not fear being caught, and worse, they do not fear punishment.

How can you discourage such behavior? Just as happens with voters, it hurts the worst when you feel it in the pocketbook.

I would suggest the following:

1. Immediate unpaid suspension of their employment

2. For such persons to be arrested, the evidence is already overwhelming; An immediate and speedy trial should be provided for us, the injured party

2. Upon conviction, there should be loss of voting rights--permanently. They have proved themselves unworthy of a citizens’ franchise

3. Loss of any and all future government employment and benefits (including health care coverage)

4. Many times, the monies are already lost, but there is a source of recompense that would be just. Such persons usually have retirement benefits. Why should they, who have stolen from us, the citizens, reap those benefits?

Now before you start labeling me as a hard-hearted Republican, I would have you know that I am fair-minded (I consider myself a Free Man). I would not deprive them of all funds (AFTER they have paid their debt to society). I suggest penalizing the acts with a 50 percent reduction in benefits. That would make a potential cheater think twice before risking his future security.

Patrick Shepherd


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