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Letter: What’s on TV? 100 bucks, 500 channels, yet best choice is ‘off’

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Posted: Friday, February 1, 2013 8:31 am

At the end of an evening meal, the husband said to his wife: “Let’s watch some TV.” She said: “Ok. — What’s your preference?” And the conversation proceeded like this. How about a movie? Ok — there’s Alien. No. There’s Aliens. No.

How about Predator? No. Predator II? No. Terminator? No. Terminators? Nooo. Ooooh, there re-running Rambo First Blood — part 1. No Way... Rambo First Blood — part II? Forget it. Rambo First Blood — All gone? Huh — one can only hope.

How about watching that singing show? You mean the one that has poorly dressed, semi-talented folks judging the singing of future poorly dressed, semi-talented folks? Yeah, — that one. Pass.

What about those ‘Deliverence”-type hillbilly shows like Swamp Wars? NO. Gator Boys? NOO. Moonshiners? NOOO! Noodling? NO — unless the fish swallows him.

How about a Texas show — like Rattlesnake Republic? No. Hoggers? Hell No. Lady Hoggers? OMG! You’ve got to be kidding..

Perhaps, Real Housewives of Atlanta? No. Beverly Hills? No. Las Vegas? No. Newark? No — Really?

How about Honey Boo Boo? Aaaiiieeee!

There’s a new show called: “Double ‘D’ Divas” about fat folks trying on bras — interested? How fat are they? Never mind dear. Here, read this book called “War and Peace.” A hundred dollars per month and five hundred channels to choose from and the best selection is “OFF.”

Rick Temple


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