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Letters: Open border would limit drug cartels

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Posted: Sunday, November 28, 2010 3:15 am

Michael Rhodanz (Letters, Nov. 19) is, rightfully, concerned about criminals sneaking across the border from Mexico with guns and drugs. But the vast majority of illegals sneaking across the border have no guns or drugs, but simply want work.  

Try this scenario: Open the border checkpoints to anyone who wishes to enter the U.S. and conduct searches equal to those for airline passengers. The only ones who would be able to enter would be the workers, while the guns and drugs criminals would have to continue to sneak across the desert.

With the vast majority of persons sneaking across the desert now going through the checkpoints, the border protection agents would have their surveillance task vastly reduced, as the numbers of persons trying to cross the desert would be vastly reduced.

Rhodanz also appears to see no difference in the danger from a terrorist sneaking through the desert alone or in a small group and a terrorist boarding an airliner with hundreds of other passengers.

I believe that the 9/11 terrorists were all legally in the U.S. The government has their priorities in the right place — maximum concentration on the persons exposing the greatest number of persons to serious danger!

Salem Spitz, Gilbert

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