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Letter: Punishing financial success isn’t the American way

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Posted: Sunday, December 2, 2012 3:15 pm

When did America start punishing financial success or inherited wealth? We don’t punish educational or sporting successes or achievements. We don’t punish people who are born good-looking or well-built do we? If a student studies hard and earns a good grade do we reduce that test grade to a lower grade and bring up a failing student?

Do we take touch-downs or home runs away from a successful team and give them to a hardly-working team?

Do we punish a successful Olympian and give some of his/her score to an unsuccessful Olympian? To all of the above the answer is "NO".

Then why do we punish financial success or the accident of a wealthy birth by making these people pay a higher tax rate than everybody else? Everybody pays the same Luxury Tax. Everybody pays the same Toll tax. Everybody pays the same sales tax. Everybody pays the same house tax rate. If you live in a rich neighborhood or a poor neighborhood don’t we all put the same 45cent stamp on our greeting cards and letters?

Why is the amount of money a person earns judged any differently for taxation purposes. "...one Nation under God, indivisibly, with liberty and justice for all". If all of our other Laws are enforced "equally", then why is the "Income Tax" Law any different? A rich person’s vote is counted the same as a poor person’s vote. Let’s go back to Democracy and leave Socialism, Communism and Marxism to the 3rd World, Russia and China.

Leon Ceniceros


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