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America suffers under financial infidelity

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Posted: Saturday, July 30, 2011 5:55 am | Updated: 2:44 pm, Mon Sep 16, 2013.

In our private lives, a vast number of us have suffered under financial infidelity. Now, we get to suffer it as a nation.

Perhaps you’ve been there.

A loved one or spouse betrays you by deceitfully spending shared funds and assets. They shrug off their behavior, even justify it. It doesn’t seem to be a moral issue to them, much less about family stability.

Too bad, because as I see it, partners who justify hidden expenditures are double liars and cheaters. They lie to themselves about restoring spent money to the family budget and they ignore the fact their family suffers from their corrupt character.

Bill collectors and the IRS don’t care about the plight of theft victims within families. They just want their money. Soon, the family constitution collapses, inflicting consequences to all. The family credit rating is dinged; everyone is asked to sacrifice, while the culprit continues with his/her sociopathic behavior.

Financial infidelity is a startling term, yet it describes the nightmare American citizens are living via Congress and a White House who have one agenda: re-election.

Our future has been robbed, thanks to public servants who use situational ethics to meet their own political dreams, as well as those of special interests who whine at the office door year after decade after century. Entitlement is a sick, destructive business, not something you want to crawl into bed with.

In speaking with a friend recently, she shared the term, “financial infidelity” in regards to the breakdown of her marriage. From day one, he viewed his own ego and his own material wants as more important than the trust of his beloved.

And, there’s another woman I have long known who also learned early that their money was “his” and that’s how it continued for a quarter of a century as all assets and revenue were consumed in debt and interest payments. Still, he never saw his lifestyle as dishonest. He went to church and served his neighbors. Arguments raged in their home. Side issues arose that destroyed what was left. The marriage and family fell apart. Dreams shattered.

Today, we have a glorious nation groaning under deceitful spending. Debt ceilings are regularly moved to allow Congressional indulgences. Billions are assigned to secret projects and foreign enemies. It’s equal to rape or more honestly, the murder of a nation.

Then, when our presidents take to the air waves, when our Congressmen respond, taxpayers dutifully sit before the triangular box of talking heads and hear not. Paralysis has set in.

What does one do when a relationship fails amid financial infidelity? When trust is gone? How does one shut down the broken system? Close out the marriage? Send the thief packing in hopes of saving one’s future?

A web search finds advice to those caught in the vise. Keep a private stash of your own money so an escape is possible. Never combine funds or credit. And I add, run like hell.

Unfortunately, once violated, American citizen has fewer options than a wronged spouse. However, many citizens, strong and focused, can fight the evil of those who would rob their future. Otherwise we remain captivated by fear and ignorance; we will watch our country collapse.

Decades of leadership have betrayed us. I wish it were as easy as electing a new party to power. It is not. Thus, individual citizens, joining one another, hold what hope we have.

Just as with a broken family, it’ll take starting over. Courage and stamina powered with fury, right about now, is a good thing. Finally the line must be drawn.

• East Valley resident Linda Turley-Hansen ( is a syndicated columnist and former Phoenix veteran TV anchor.

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