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Beydler: Occupy the tea party

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Jon Beydler is a 32-year Valley resident and the former mayor of Fountain Hills who now lives in Chandler.

Posted: Thursday, October 20, 2011 4:45 am | Updated: 7:52 am, Thu Oct 27, 2011.

The party is over for those “Tea Heads.” After listening to their diatribe of rants and railings against the evil federal government over the last three years, they have finally met their match in the Occupy movement.

In “Capitalism: A Love Story,” Michael Moore planted the seeds of malcontent that is now bearing fruit. Americans directly affected by lack of jobs, money, housing, medical care, etc. have gotten it! The source of our economic malaise is not coming our form of government but rather our economic model. Capitalism, Adam Smith, is broken. Witness the repugnant salaries and bonuses paid out to Wall Street brokers when the vast majority of working Americans haven’t had a wage increase in the last two to three years. Don’t forget the multimillion-dollar salaries and bonuses that CEOs continue to rake in as the national economy stalls. Sorry, Ronnie, but it don’t trickle down. It stays in the families for generations.

America is fast becoming a benevolent oligarchy, though one might legitimately question the use of the word “benevolent.” Our middle class is continuing to dissolve into a “lower” middle class. The poor are growing in number at an alarming rate. Recent college graduates can’t find a job commensurate with their high-priced education, and they certainly cannot afford to begin making payments on their student loans.

Tea party Republicans and their flavor of the month, Herman “the Pizza Man” Cain, would have you believe that if you’re poor and without a job it’s your own fault. They beat their chests with bravado until they confront their own mortality, and then they’re first in line to apply for government subsidies like Medicaid, unemployment and Social Security benefits. They’re called “fair weather” ideologues. They paint a picture of illegals, meth users and young people being the primary clients for big government social services, while all along they’re either not paying their fair share of taxes or they’re off scheming up some illegal strategy to scam the IRS. Shame on them.

So, politically, it all comes down to whether a majority of the voters are going to side with those who say that “big government” is the cause of our problems or whether it is Wall Street, the big banks, the corporate CEOs or all of the above.

I’m betting that the people will occupy the tea party. What a gas. What perfect timing. Goes to show ya why liberals always win.

• Jon Beydler is a 33-year Valley resident and the former mayor of Fountain Hills who now lives in Chandler.

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