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Letters to editor: April 12

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Posted: Tuesday, April 13, 2010 6:33 pm | Updated: 3:43 am, Sat Oct 8, 2011.

Obama: the new Socialized Dictatorship of America

A guy damages a front fender in an auto accident. A year later he buys an auto insurance policy. Shortly thereafter he gets tail-ended, damaging a rear fender. He complains to Obama that the evil insurance company would not replace both his rear and front fenders, pointing out that the front fender was a pre-existing condition and not covered by his policy. Obama issues an executive order mandating that all auto insurance companies must pay for pre-existing conditions and that they must not raise their premiums to cover their additional costs. Since the insurance companies make only 4 percent profit, they can’t pay for all of those pre-existing damaged fenders so they go out of business.

Obama then writes another executive order that puts the federal government in the auto insurance business. The government then hires hundreds of thousands of new union workers and raises taxes to subsidize the repair of all of those damaged fenders. Note that Congress was not involved. No need, now that Obama has shown that he can issue an executive order that over-rides any law Congress ever passed. Welcome to SDA, the new Socialized Dictatorship of America.

Jack C. McVickers, Scottsdale

Downtown Mesa: Sky is the limit

I am sorry to hear of Tom Verploegen’s resignation as head of the Downtown Mesa Association. I don’t know the whole story, but met Mr. Verploegen twice and he had an excellent idea how Pittsburgh, Pa. and Tempe both revitalized their downtowns so there was a diversity of shopping establishments, entertainment, dining, restaurants, dancing halls, art festivals and Christmas decorations put up after Thanksgiving.

Mesa’s downtown is clean but there is very little activity and real people — not statues — shopping. Changing downtown Mesa’s profile with diversification of new and vital businesses attracting college students, families and senior citizens is good for sales taxes, attracting more independent developers, bringing another MLB team to Fitch Park and Hohokam Stadium and possibly attracting ASU graduates to start their own businesses because they have their own sphere of influence.

This is the third largest city in Arizona but it seems lost in the ’50s and modeled after Mayberry, in some respects, to me.

ASU is the third-largest university in our country. Out-of-state students come from upper middle class families and are spending their money on clothes, entertainment and other accessories in downtown Tempe and Scottsdale. Why not Mesa?

Instead of complaining I had some simple solutions I brought up to Mr. Verploegan and the DMA about a year ago.

Have a volunteer committee go as good will ambassadors to the ASU fraternity and sorority council to do a fact-finding survey on how we can get students to shop, cruise, eat and drink in Mesa.

Have events and concerts the students would have a say in choosing. If they are partnering and co-developing they are invested and would attend with their friends.

Have a volunteer committee to put up Christmas tree lights, like the Tempe Jaycees did for downtown Tempe.

I also would suggest, to established owners, giving sweetheart deals for three years to graduating college students who have some financial support from their parents or patrons to put up their own shops or restaurants, like many did in downtown Tempe. They are short on money, but high in friends and connections who will patronize their establishments to get started and succeed longterm.

We don’t have to re-create the wheel but copy what Scottsdale, Glendale and Tempe have done to revitalize their downtowns and increase sales to increase the taxes needed to run their cities properly.

We could be better than our neighbors because we are more populated than our neighbors. We could support our downtown with community events and stay current. The sky is the limit if we embrace change.

Dr. Jeff Eger, Mesa

Politics: What I learned

During the last few weeks what the leaders of our country have taught me:

According to the vice president, it’s not “Redistribution of Income” it’s “Just Being Fair.”

Rep. Hastings tell us “We make rules up as we go along.”

Rep. Perriello says “We will keep stealing until you find a way to stop us.”

Rep. Conyers insists that the “Good and welfare clause of the Constitution authorizes Congress to force Americans to buy health insurance.” That clause does not exist in the Constitution. Conyers is chairman of the House Judiciary Committee.

Rep. Dingell says “Obamacare will eventually control the people.”

Sen. Baucus tells us that the health care law “is an income shift to help the poor.”

Rep. Hare informs us that he “doesn’t concern himself with what’s in the Constitution” when it comes to the health care law.

And finally, according to Rep. Waters and Rangel “I am a racist” because I disagree with them and the President.

Why do we need schools when our leaders tell us all we need to know?

Harold Gee, Mesa

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