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Letters to editor: April 27

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Posted: Tuesday, April 27, 2010 2:55 pm | Updated: 3:27 am, Sat Oct 8, 2011.

OBAMA: What Obama meant by “change”

Now we know. Barack Obama ran on a platform of “change”, and told the electorate that he would bring it about if elected.

OBAMA: What Obama meant by “change”

Now we know. Barack Obama ran on a platform of “change”, and told the electorate that he would bring it about if elected. But he was very vague about what “change” meant. He never defined it for us, until now. In his speech following the passage of the health care bill, Obama said “This is what change looks like.” So for all the voters who rallied in support of Obama, in the last election, you now know what Obama meant by “change.”

For independents who wanted a change in the way government worked in Washington, you got it. It changed — it got worse. The back-room deals to force support for Obamacare was unprecedented.

For the youth of our country who threw their support behind Obama’s promise for “change,” you got it. Obamacare has guaranteed more big government, record deficit spending, increased taxes and a reduced standard of living for future generations, comprised of the youth who voted Obama into the presidency.

Previous administrations followed the will of the people. Obama changed that too. Obama’s definition of change means using political power to pursue his personal agenda, regardless of what the electorate wants. Now we know what Obama meant by “change.”

Come November, we must bring about a change. We must change the legislative representatives who support Obama. We must change those individuals who disregarded the will of the people who they all swore to represent, but didn’t. We need change.

Robert O Hicks Sr., Gilbert

TEA PARTY: Balance the budget

I’m an Arizona voter who took the time to travel across the country to show support for the Tea Party movement in DC. I’d like to share with you what motivated me.

The U.S. government has spent more than it took in during 36 of the last 40 years. This cycle will likely continue to an unfortunate end unless we close the lid on the cookie jar of deficit spending.

I suggest a balanced budget constitutional amendment that aims to neutralize our debt within 100 years. During the first 10 years, Congress should be forced to incrementally close the gap between spending and taxes until an annual surplus is reached that is sufficient to neutralize the total debt over the remaining 90 years. Additionally in order to ensure jobs, mandates to eliminate our trade deficit must be in place by keeping corporate taxes in check and pumping our own oil.

Right before our eyes we are watching Europe go off a financial cliff, led by Greece and Portugal, with the rest of the continent right behind them. As we follow in Europe’s footsteps let’s not be naive, the United Sates is not too big to fail.

Some would say that balancing the budget can’t be done without cutting entitlements like Social Security and Medicare. I have done the math and they are right. But to those who resist the idea of cuts to entitlements, I ask you think this: What’s going to happen to Social Security and Medicare when the government runs out of its ability to borrow? We can either do some serious and necessary trimming now or have sudden and deep cuts if not total elimination of these programs when we are totally broke.

Mike Ellis, Phoenix

TEEN DATING VIOLENCE: Outreach and support needed

Teen dating violence has become a very important issue. It is estimated that the incidence of sexual assault alone in adolescents is around 7-8 percent. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention reports that one in four adolescents reports verbal, physical, emotional or sexual abuse. These rates are alarming! One person experiencing this problem is one too many in my book.

So what I am suggesting is community outreach and support. We can prevent teen dating violence, but we have to want it to be stopped. How do we get society to accept that this is a severe issue affecting our youth and inevitably, the population of America as a whole? This is an issue and disease that America has chosen to hide over and over again. Many people think it is a joke trying to prevent this, or that it is impossible. If you are dedicated and willing to put an end to this, please show your support by writing letters advocating for Senate Bill 1308 and help us bring teen dating violence prevention education into our schools!

We have people ready to educate our teens on this issue, but some school districts won’t even let our group go in and talk to their students about this issue. Why? If their students are experiencing teen dating violence, we want to let them know they are not alone and can find safety and healing again. We want to feel empowered and not oppressed and ultimately be violence-free. It’s not impossible if we start today.

Nicole A. Bruno, Gilbert


Here is a definitive idea to reduce expenses and to improve the quality of representation we have from our elected state officials.

Since Democrats are non-entities and are rendered meaningless by the majority party in the legislature, let’s simply do away with them. That’s a savings of from 30 to 35 percent of the legislature in one swift swoop!

Since the majority party in the legislature has no ideas of their own and they follow doctrine like lemmings to the sea, let’s do away with all but the top leaders in the House and Senate. House Speaker Kirk Adams and Sen. Russell Pearce do all the talking, thinking, and deal-making in the legislature anyway, so let’s do away with all the GOP lawmakers except for these two “august” arbiters. Presto, now we have two instead of 90 legislators and the monetary savings are infinite!

Let’s permit the governor, Rep. Adams, and Sen. Pearce to fight among themselves for the good and glory of our state. Instead of meeting annually for four months, if they would agree to meet every four years for 365 days our savings and sanity would rapidly multiply!

Sine die!

Richard K. Meszar, Mesa

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