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Letters to the editor: November 29

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Posted: Thursday, November 29, 2007 3:21 am | Updated: 7:17 pm, Fri Oct 7, 2011.

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Not just a ‘holiday’

During this holiday season, remember to say “Happy Holidays,” not “Merry Christmas!”

While shopping for a tree, remember it is a family tree or holiday bush, not a Christmas tree. When driving around neighborhoods to enjoy decorations, remember they are gala holiday season displays, not Christmas lights and decorations.

As your children are opening presents, remember they are holiday gifts from Santa, not Christmas presents honoring a birthday. What next does the politically correct crowd have in store for us?

Oh by the way, Merry Christmas to all.




21st century revolution

I really enjoyed the Nov. 9 editorial about Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul. You are correct to conclude that there is a considerable constituency for “constitutionalist, limited-government philosophy” and that there is a “hunger for liberty among young and old of all races and backgrounds.” I have always followed politics and supported candidates who came closest to my values, but for the first time I have found a candidate with whom I agree so much that I was motivated to support him with a donation.

I am very happy to see that there is still strong conservative, libertarian sentiment in this country. I don’t know the future of the Ron Paul Revolution, as it has come to be called, but I hope that it gets people to think. He may not win the presidency but his ideas can leave a powerful mark on this country. We just need a few people like him now and then to remind us what freedom is and what it’s worth. As Samuel Adams said, “It does not take a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority, keen on setting brushfires of freedom in the minds of men.”




New Scottsdale fine with him

Once again, we are subjected to a cacophony of Cantorisms (“There’s a better way to blend old, new,” Opinion 2, Saturday) as Nancy Cantor proclaims the sky is falling because of those big, bad developers. Cantor would have us trembling with fear as such relics as the Red Dog Saloon (you can find pieces of its interior on sale at e-Bay) give way to the developer’s backhoe. One wonders if Cantor ever ventures out of her Old Town wistfulness long enough to see the exciting transformation taking place in her own backyard.

A quick survey of faces on the Waterfront on a lazy Saturday afternoon finds nothing but contented out-of-towners and ebullient Scottsdalians. No, Cantor’s view of Scottsdale is like the Red Dog Saloon about which she so frequently reminisces; a fond memory but definitely not a blueprint for tomorrow.




Chief restored integrity

I am writing to give my opinion of the Apache Junction city manager not renewing Police Chief Glenn Walp’s contract. I have lived in A.J. for five years. I also have more than 30 years of law enforcement experience. I think it’s very easy to see what the problem is within the police department.

When Walp was hired, it was over the objection of several members of the department. They were used to the unprofessional manner the department was run in the past. They were afraid they would have to become responsible for the duties they have sworn to uphold. They got by for so long without being responsible for those duties under prior administrations. Walp returned the department to being a professional police department.

This upset a lot of the “crybabies” who did not want him for chief. So, they have done everything they could to make him look bad to the public. Leave us not forget, it was under Walp‘s tenure that the property room was turned from a junkyard to a place where evidence could actually be found if needed for court testimony. The prior administrations could be guilty of nonfeasance for letting the property room get into such a mess.

And this is just one of many changes Walp has made to make Apache Junction Police Department one we can now be proud of.




Calif. has no answers

Who does Mesa Police Chief George Gascón think he is? He bad-mouths Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio before he even gets here. And why in the world would Mesa hire a bleeding-heart liberal from California in the first place? I lived there until six years ago and had to get out of that disgusting place.

Gascón’s attitude toward enforcing immigration laws is why California is the way it is, and God forbid the great state of Arizona ever become the same.

Keep up the good work, Sheriff Joe!




Dave Wells uses his degree in social engineering at Arizona State University to shame us Arizonans for trying to stem the illegal immigrant invasion (Opinion 2, Nov. 18). Apparently he wants you to feel bad for passing laws that tend to inconvenience those who have successfully sneaked into this country for more than 20 years. He thinks it is high time we apologize for being so impolite as to enforce “stern sanctions” against employers who hire them. Why, we’re being downright unneighborly!

If you believe that spin, you buy into the scary theory that citizens themselves are to blame for not apprehending these fugitives sooner; that somehow by allowing them to “substantially develop a life here” we lose our right to legally ship them back home, and they win by default.

What Wells is trying to do is cower you into giving up the moral battle. By the same token, the dream of a better life is what motivates others who commit crimes, such as bank robbers, rapists and traitors. Are we supposed to drop all charges when the perpetrator is found to be a sincere person? Logic and reason will tell you that, by law, invaders do not belong here, no matter how long they have shivered in the shadows.

Wells’ manifesto is intended to convince patriots to be more tolerant of trespassing, or as he calls it, taking “the treacherous journey to enter the U.S. without authorization.” What he is suggesting is that Americans are the real bad guys when we insist on enforcing uniform sanctions that punish lawbreakers and safeguard our nation.




They always get paid

Gee I wish I’d been a lawyer. They quote a price and you go to court and they get paid win or lose! Must be nice? That’s like taking your car to be repaired. You pay for it and find it hasn’t been repaired, but they keep the money just the same. It would be nice if only the lawyer who won got paid. No wonder so many people hate them. On second thought I’m glad I wasn’t a lawyer!




Would enhance state image

Wow! It’s about time that Arizona had a world-renowned theme park to go with our spectacular Grand Canyon. Can you imagine the impact that this would have on our Arizona economy and image? I am not particularly a rock ’n’ roll fan, but I can see this being big. I hope the Legislature will be cooperative in allowing them to form the taxing authority necessary for this to come to fruition.




While scanning the large number of advertisement inserts in the Tribune Thanksgiving morning, I noticed that Spencers TV & Appliance store was the only one that included “Merry Christmas.” Another great reason to shop at Spencers.



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