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The Vent: Jan. 15

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Posted: Sunday, January 15, 2012 11:12 am

Let me get this straight, the Taliban, al-Qaeda, and Somali Islamic insurgents can torture, behead, burn and drag American military men on video but a bunch of Marines who have had to pick up the body parts of their I.E.D.-blown up buddies are in trouble for whizzing on some dead Taliban attackers? Sadly, our resident R.I.N.O. Senator, John ‘Last Hurrah' McCain whines that it ‘makes me so sad.' Will President Obama rise to the bait and ‘apologize' once again to the Muslim world?"

"‘Thanks, Joe, for making the Valley safe for winter visitors.' At the expense of everyone who's not white, elderly and not from the Northern Midwest or Canada."

"In all honesty, I don't see how the Hispanics can complain about being discriminated against by being blamed for the crimes being committed in our society. It seems every time I view the media, in whatever form, it's those well-tanned Swedes with Spanish names that are suspect."

"In the Sunday, Jan. 8 Vent, somebody said that no Republican has said how they will better the country and all they want is Obama out. Doesn't this person realize that getting Obama out will better the country?"

"Just a couple of observations on the recent Republican campaigns in Iowa and New Hampshire. Mitt Romney is proof that you can fool most of the people most of the time. Ron Paul is proof that the American people really don't want to hear the truth from candidates."

"Oh, no - Republicans are only financed by the top 1 percent, and so do their bidding. If die-hard Republicans have a problem with that fact, they can either vote for what they perceive as a worse alternative, or clamor for a third-party alternative. Can you say ‘Run, Ron, Run?' I hope you can, because it's a cinch that the GOP will not be nominating Ron Paul for President."

"With McCain's endorsement of Romney, that makes it one RINO endorsing another!"

"Romney is next in line for the GOP? What a stupid concept by the GOP. How's that McCain nomination working for you guys? I'm an Independent, always have been, always will be. Funny thing though, I have never voted for a Democrat presidential candidate, but I have always voted since 1968. I've decided that this year my only choice on the GOP side will probably be Romney. I told all my relatives this weekend, who are all die-hard Republicans, the only way I will ever vote for Romney is if his running mate is Chris Christie."

"It's ok for Mesa to take Wilkies business for a parking lot because he is not one but they won't take Big O Tire because the owner is one. It's ok to sell Henry Brown half of downtown Mesa for $1.00 because he is one and it's ok to try and take Bailey's brake shop land for Spencer's because Randy Bailey isn't one. Can you see why Mesa is a failure?"

"I recently had the privilege of attending my son's Basic Training Graduation. When we went to the PX later I was shocked to see that all of the military clothing was made in China. I mean all! I checked every rack and item. Dave Smith is right on the mark with his article about economic sanctions against China."

"Utility rates will begin to skyrocket as Obama unilaterally starts forcing the closure of power plants. Your $200 bill last summer will be $300 this summer. Remember how to vote next fall after you spent the last of your money trying to keep your kids from dying in the Arizona heat."

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