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The Vent: Feb. 29

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Posted: Wednesday, February 29, 2012 11:37 am | Updated: 9:17 am, Fri Mar 2, 2012.

“Who really are these total losers buying and fighting over the new $220 Nike shoes? Do these idiots have nothing better to do than waste their time and money?”

“The trial in the missing ‘Baby Gabriel’ case is still months away? The longer this thing gets dragged out, I think the higher the chances that Elizabeth Johnson will get off just like Casey Anthony. That will again be a gross miscarriage of justice, a very sad thing.”

“Three things: 1. Why are gas prices so high? Greed. Oil companies and their stockholders don’t give a rat’s patootie about the common person. 2. If all it takes to destroy a faith (Islam) is burning a book (Quran) most believers aren’t allowed to read, it can’t be a very strong faith. 3. Politicians — please don’t tell me what’s wrong with everyone else. Tell me what YOU are going to do and how.”

“First we are told gas prices are going up because we are not drilling enough. Then we are told prices are going up because of Iran. Now we are told prices are going up because of not building the Keystone pipeline. Now we are told prices are going up because of shutting down refineries. Now we are told the truth: The reason gas prices are going up is because we are exporting 3 million barrels a day and we are going to double this by 2015.”

“Listening to Rick Santorum has been an education for me. Now I know why a free society must have a separation of church and state. The pilgrims would have thrown him overboard simply because he is more qualified to lead a crusade than a country.”

“Actually the venter that accused Obama of attacking our constitutional rights gave a response with five specific examples. That was not printed. The fact remains, and has been reported by numerous media sources, Obama keeps a list of those that speak out against him and he has no respect for either the First or Second amendment right of his foes. It is no secret. If you cannot see it, you have your eyes covered and your ears plugged singing la la la la la la la.”

“If the Muslims cannot accept an apology, we need to stop helping them and let them kill each other. If they kill one American, we should kill two of them. They do not believe in the Quran, they are liars and non-believers.”

“Wow, have you seen the racially insensitive if not down-right racist comments and twitters about basketball’s Jeremy Lin (Chinese-American)? What’s really surprising is that the most racist remarks are being made by black sportscasters and athletes (fellow basketball players and even some football players). Isn’t February Black History Month in America? Maybe some of these black athletes should remember when these comments were being made against them. Just shows that you don’t have to be a member of the caucasian race to be a bigot.”

“It seems to me all these people on TV talking about them being Mormon have an ‘I’ problem. I keep waiting for them to tell me about their beliefs, such as the ‘holy garments’ that they have to wear at all times so they are protected, or what about the black veil placed over the women’s faces when they die, or how their men can be married, by proxy, to any female, so she can have his ‘spirit babies’ up in heaven, or how they can be baptized for the ‘bad’ people so they can become good. Or how their men can become a god. It goes on and on. It’s a ‘secret’ religion. I’d be leery.”

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